Visiting Albufeira Portugal

Hello everyone it looks like we’re back for another Monday! I hope the sun is shining and you’ve had a great weekend wherever you happen to live. We had a wonderful time over the weekend of preaching and associating with our brothers and sisters. Let us tell you all about it. We had been looking forward […]

Small Beginnings

Hello friends! We’ve got a lot to share with you this week. We had a great weekend of activity with preaching and spending time with friends. We’ve also been working on the blog and have some cool stuff to share with you. So let’s get to it. 🙂 Over the weekend we were able to […]

Change is in the Air

Hello friends and blog readers! We hope that you’re doing great this week wherever you may live in the world. Here in the south of Spain the sun is shining and things are starting to really warm up with temperatures of nearly 30 degrees. That’s been really enjoyable for our ministry because it means that […]

April 2017 Review

Greetings everyone! It’s hard to believe that it’s already May 1st as I write this but yup it’s the truth. That means that the year is already one third gone. Well, I’m sure that all of you have been keeping busy over the last several months. Things here for us have been no different. As […]