We have compiled the following list of recommended resources to include products and services that we either use ourselves or highly recommend. On this list you will only find things that we would recommend to family and friends because they are the best. Click on the orange links below or the banners to check out the recommended resources.

This post contains affiliate links.



Agoda – If you are going to be travelling to Asia in countries such as Thailand, China, Vietnam or Japan then you would be wise to use Agoda for your hotel. They are the best for this region of the world and there prices and selection are extremely competitive. – When you are looking for a place to stay in Europe we recommend using They have great guest reviews and photos that give you a realistic sense of what your hotel will be like before you arrive. We have used this service to stay in Marrakesh, Copenhagen, Malaga, Madrid and many more cities without any problems.



Skyscanner – In order to get a simple to read overview of prices from different airlines we really like using Skyscanner. They are easy to use and you can customize your search by country and also lowest price with no date required. 


Ryanair – This is a well known airline within Europe. There prices cannot be beat if you reserve with even time in advance. They are no-frills but if you are looking to save money they they are second to none.


Norweigan Air – When we want to go back home to the US and we need a transatlantic flight from Europe we use Norweigan Air. They are one of the best carriers for transatlantic flights and they offer amazing value which often times is much less than other carriers. – When we need to rent a car whether in Europe or in the US we always use They offer the best prices and display all of the different cars available so that you can easily make the best decision. 



Bluehost – This is one of the best hosting companies out there for websites. They are who we use for our blog and they offer great customer service and reliable hosting.


Sumome – We have been using sumome on our blog and it’s been great to help us keep track of analytics on our site as well as grow our traffic.


Creativemarket – This is one of our favorite resources for website templates, graphics, themes, fonts and other creative things. They have a lot to choose from and really interesting designs.


Fiverr – We love Fiverr because it lets us hire skilled people to create a custom project for us. We used Fiverr to create our logo, some of our social media covers as well as other things. They are cheap and quick.


Namecheap – This is who we use to register our website addresses. We’ve used them for this blog as well as our other sites. The layout is easy to use and they have good prices.


99 designs – This is a great concept for a design company. Basically you submit a project and then you have multiple designers bidding on your project by presenting to you a finished product. You pick the one you like the best. They have good high quality designers and a very easy to use website. 



Skype – This is probably one of the most well-known companies for keeping in touch with others. We’ve tried other programs like Google Hangouts but we always keep coming back to Skype. It’s free and easy to understand. It helps to keep in touch with family who live half way across the world. – This is the company that we use when we need to call the US or another country and we have to use a phone. They have some of the best rates that we’ve found for calling cards and they just work great. 



Aspiration Bank – This is a newcomer to the banking scene but they seem very promising. We are using them for our business banking and they are based in the US. They have no monthly fees and no ATM fees worldwide. They are said to have the best checking account in America. So far we’re happy with them.


Zero Financial – We are excited about this Visa card that acts like a debit card but gives you credit card rewards. The company is based out of San Francisco and they give you up to 3% cashback on purchases. Check them out to get a spot on their waiting list before they launch!