We’re Releasing a Course – You Can Teach English Online!

Hi friends! If you haven’t heard already Kanicia and I are releasing our very own course soon called You can teach English online! Needless to say, we are super excited about it and we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes for the last several months. As the time nears for us to launch our course we’ve been fine-tuning the content and making sure that what we release to you will be something that will actually help you and that we can be proud of! So what is the course all about?

Well as the name suggests the course will show you how you can succeed teaching English online. We’ve been teaching English online for more than five years even dating back to before we moved to Spain. Throughout that time we’ve been able to learn so much about this fascinating field including what it takes to succeed and what you should avoid doing at all costs. We’ve worked for several different schools and companies and we’ll help you to navigate the tricky waters of where to start. We know how overwhelming it is if you are just starting out to make sense of all of the information out there! Trust us, we were there too! With the You can teach English online course you won’t have to venture out into the unknown but instead, you’ll have two people who have already done it helping you along the way.

Even if you’re experienced at teaching English you may feel like you need help with finding the best companies and getting paid what you’re worth. We’ve got your back. We’ve designed the course to be followed in a logical way from start to finish so at the end you’ll be fully equipped and feel confident to find a job and succeed with your first student. The course will have just the information that you need and nothing that you don’t so that you can reach your goals sooner. The course will be video based and will have other elements (including many surprises) that we’ve designed to make sure that you take action and have the best chance of getting a job. Over the course of this week, we will be sharing information about each of the seven sections of the course on our Instagram¬†page here. So be sure to follow along so that you don’t miss anything! We don’t want to say much more about the course for now but just know that we are putting everything we have into it (taking into consideration your feedback) so that you can benefit and start teaching online. In order to sign up for the waitlist for the You can teach English online course click on the button below.


Antoine & Kanicia