Visiting the Congregation in Beautiful Albufeira, Portugal!

Hello friends! We hope you’re all having a wonderful summer! Here in Europe things are going well and are busy as usual. Last week we spent the weekend in Albufeira Portugal with the English congregation there. Albufeira is in the heart of the Algarve in southern Portugal and is home to some incredibly beautiful beaches. The English congregation has about fifty-five publishers and their territory consists of many holiday homes and British expats. The thing that is nice about the congregation is that they get many visitors every meeting due to the touristic area. These are usually brothers and sisters from all over the world who are on vacation.

We always enjoy spending time in this part of Portugal because it is so beautiful and relaxing. As we were there for a few days we were able to share in the ministry with the congregation as they finished up their campaign invite work for their convention taking place this weekend. After the ministry, we visited one of our favorite towns nearby called Silves. They have a really picturesque castle in the center of the town and everywhere you look is full of so much character. We discovered some new restaurants and sights while strolling the cobblestone streets. On Sunday I had the privilege of giving the talk which is always enjoyable. After the meeting, we met some visitors from Norway who helped with the special assembly in Oslo. It was really nice to talk to them about it and see their excitement as they reflected on it.

After the meeting, we went out for some typical Portuguese food with the local friends and then we hit some of the famous Algarve beaches nearby. It was great to just relax and enjoy Jehovah’s creation! So far we have been happy with how our summer has been going. Before Albufeira, we were in Madrid for our Regional Convention and then we met up with some friends in Seville. As of now, we are buckling down as we finish out the service year with the congregation in Huelva. Our congregation will have the privilege of hosting the pioneer school for the English field in August. We’re really looking forward to being able to have a share in the preparations! There will be three sisters from our hall attending as well as some of our friends from other parts of Spain including our old congregation in Bilbao. It’s going to be such a nice boost for our congregation to be able to have all of those pioneers in our midst.

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Your friends,
Antoine & Kanicia