About Us

Hello friend! Welcome to our blog. We are happy that you stopped by. We are Antoine and Kanicia and this is our story. We are both from the United States. To be more exact Kanicia is from Denver and I am from Northern California. After we were married we spent many years in the San Francisco Bay Area working, playing and giving of our time to things that we valued such as our volunteer education work. We loved our life and friends in California but we started wondering if it was the best place for us. We both had good jobs, lived in a trendy part of town and enjoyed going out to eat and spending time with our friends. But something was happening.



We started to feel like we were getting too comfortable. Even though we were involved in our volunteer work full-time we still felt like we wanted to do more and that we wanted to simplify our lives. This is where our journey began. We wanted to spend time on the things that we cared about such as our family and our volunteer work and just enjoy a more balanced life.

Moving to a country where life was simpler would allow us to do this. We hit the books and did our research and we talked to everyone we knew that had done something similar. We learned a lot and our vision started to take shape. We selected Portugal and Spain as possible destinations but eventually settled on Spain.


We knew that we would have to be able to support ourselves while living abroad. This is where we began preparing ourselves to teach English. We also began to explore other avenues to become location-independent with our work. We are active in both of these communities and we enjoy sharing what we learn to help others accomplish their goals. We even provide an online TESOL Course right here from our blog.

After over a year of research, the time was finally here for us to leave the States behind and move to Spain. Our first home was in the city of Murcia in the southeast of Spain after arriving in October 2013.

After spending a few months in Murcia we moved to Bilbao in the north where we spent two years from January 2014 until December 2015. This was a big change but we learned a lot.

Currently, as of January 2016, we are living in the Huelva province in the southwest of Spain. This is a beautiful area with beaches, great food and a relaxed pace of life. Moving to another country has its challenges. Making the switch from a typical job to become location-independent can be overwhelming and complicated. We are happy to have done both and we continue to learn a lot each day.

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