So we haven’t even been here a week and there are some adjustments I’m noticing that I will have to make…sooner rather than later:)

Número UNO:

Yesterday was our first day in service and there are definitely some big differences, especially with all the changes we recently had in our previous hall with the territories. Yesterday was the first day for the group to have territory. There are no names, each territory is a map of a pueblo or small village with colored areas representing the houses or apartments. Everything is census work, so as you work the territory you X off the sections you have worked ( yes back to writing on the territory lol) We were given small slips to keep track of the French people we find, which will be turned in as confirmed. If we are given an address and we can’t find them we mark the slip unconfirmed and these slips become the NHs. (Oh they do not have house to house slips in Spain)
This is a whole new way to do service and it will be an adjustment, plus I’ll have to try not to lose these slips!

Número Dos:

Gone are the eight hour days and full weekends! In Spain many do not go out on the weekends and if they do its for only two hours or so.
The service meeting starts at 10am! I like this since I’m not a morning person:)
Service stops at 1pm…ok adjustment time:) yes it’s now time to go home, have lunch, and take a nap until 4pm. Then there is another service meeting at 5:30pm and the friends stay out until 8 or 9pm.
This is an adjustment because for me, once I’m out the door I don’t want to come home until I’m done with everything for the day. I’ve been taking lots of siestas and at first I loved it but then I started feeling anxious like I’m wasting time and need to be busy ‘doing stuff’. This is an American mentality… I’m realizing lol. Antoine has quickly adjusted 😉

Número Trois ( I can’t spell three in Spanish lol)
Slower pace of life

This is a piggyback off of two… Things move slowly. There is no ‘this is easy, I’ll fill this out, drop it off, and get what I need’. It’s more ‘you can fill this out, no fill it again, you need a copy of this, wait in line, oh you have to come back tomorrow ‘…sigh…

As with all things though, we have to be flexible and adjust. It’s just funny to see that I’m not as patient and laid-back as I thought:)


Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.