Apartment Hunting!

Well as I write this we are resting from a busy last two days. On Thursday we spent most of the day apartment hunting with some of the local brothers. We had two places that were lined up for us by one of the brothers in the group. The brother had an appointment and asked another brother, David, to accompany us to the apartments. This brother needed to conduct the group for service, so we just went with him to the service meeting, which was at a couple’s home. We were able to meet more of the friends in the group and they were all very nice. Afterward, we were in the car to leave and David is telling us that the two apartments the brother had found were really, in his opinion, too far. As he is telling us this, a couple runs up to the car and tells him they know of another apartment. The brother jumps in the car with us and says he will go and see if his friend can show us the apartment. His wife follows us in another car. So it turns out that this couple’s friend has two apartments available for rent and they are located in the ‘pueblo’ where almost all the friends in the group live. Both apartments were brand new two bedroom, one bathroom places and fully furnished! The brothers and sisters all felt like this was the ideal location for us, since we can easily find a ride to meetings and all the service meetings are within walking distance. The woman who is renting the apartments even lowered the price because of the couple who accompanied us there!

We decided to see one of the other apartments on the list that was far from the friends but close to the Kingdom Hall. We drove across town to the third apartment which was a two story unit owned by a sister. The bottom half was for rent which included two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

We still have one more to see Saturday morning and then we can make a decision. It has been really wonderful to see the love that the brothers show by making sure that we are having everything we need. Today we spent most of the day doing errands, getting bank accounts set up here in Spain and getting a Spanish cell phone number. We’ll now be able to stay in better contact with the brothers and sisters.

Here’s an interesting story about the family that we’re staying with at the moment. They are a very loving couple and it has been great staying with them and their dog Snoopy. In July of this year there was the district assembly for the Spanish congregation but there was a problem. The baptism pool was broken and they were not able to use it for the program. So the brothers improvised! The couple that we are staying with have a pool in their front yard. So the 32 baptismal candidates took a bus to the couple’s home and they were baptized in the pool. This event even made the local newspapers and served as a great witness to the community. What a privilege! So since we don’t have any photos of our own apartment yet we will share some photos of the places that we have been staying up till now.

View from our room in Madrid
Our room in Madrid with a really clean closet
Living room in Madrid
Kitchen in Madrid
Kitchen table in Madrid
Pool where friends were baptized
Newspaper article showing baptism at home!
Kanicia & Snoopy hanging out in the front yard in Murcia


Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.