Are you ready yet?

Time is just ticking away…there’s less than a month left and then we will be GONE. “So are you ready?” I hear this question at every meeting and every day of service actually. So are we? Yes and No.

Answer #1

Yes we’re pretty much ready. We’ve gotten all the paperwork done, all the appointments out of the way. We have our passports, international drivers licenses, translated marriage license, passport photos etc… Our apartment is almost empty, there’s only a few things left to sell. Craigslist really cleared us out in about a week! There is now the task of choosing what personal items are coming with us and what gets tossed. This is a hard task for me, as I am quite the sentimentalist. Mr. A, not so much!

Answer #2:

No, we’re not ready. Now there is the other side to this move. I’ll call it the dark side. We have to leave our friends and family. This is no easy task, even for me who has moved several times. There are friends here who have really become family…or closer than family in some cases. I wish we could take them all with us, it would be awesome. However, it is one of the sacrifices I guess you can say making a move like this requires. Many have done so before us, so we are definitely taking suggestions. Overall, I think we’re handling the emotions well. They come in waves. We are definitely feeling drained, tired, fatigued at the expectation of how we might feel in our last days being with everyone… alas, c’est la vie…

Alright…I’m done with all the sad, mushy stuff. We must push on…

So quick answer to this question: Yes we’re just about ready 🙂

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.