Can three year olds even talk?

In making the decision to serve where the need is great in another country my wife and I did much planning in order to see how to make this possible before making the move. One of the things that any need greater carefully considers is how they will be able to stay in their assignment for the amount of time that they would like. Some decide to serve for three months, one year or even indefinitely. In order to do this many save for a time and are able to serve in their assignment for a specified time and then may return home to work and save to repeat the process. Some may be able to work while serving where the need is great in their respective assignments which affords the option of not having to return home as often. In our situation we planned on supporting ourselves by teaching English and we have been fortunate enough to make that a reality.

After a nice relaxing weekend visiting the beach and some sites in Bilbao I was pleased to ease into the week by not having to teach my business students at 8am on Monday morning due to rescheduling. But as we have found to be the case in Spain always expect the unexpected. I received a call from the academy asking me to cover for a sick teacher with her class at 2pm at the public school. I was available so I agreed. Bye-bye relaxing morning maybe another time. I already teach twice a week at this school which is not an academy but a regular school. I was hoping to have older students because they are easier to manage. I arrived at the academy to get information on the class and I learn that the students are three years old. What?!? Three year olds learning English, perfect! Oh yeah and there are 17 of them. Well reflecting on my initial experience with little ones I prepare for the class the best I can. There was not a dull moment. Between the kids not really understanding English and being full of energy, I had my hands full. I tried my best to keep them occupied and to keep them from killing each other! This is just another normal day in our experience serving here in Spain. Enjoy the video!

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.