Iberian Summer

Hola amigos, friends and amis! What an amazing and incredibly special summer we’ve had here in Spain! Let us share it with you. First let me tell you about our Bible student Peter who has been making fine progress in responding to Jehovah’s underserved kindness. Among the many highlights of the summer, Peter’s progress is […]

Spring in Bilbao

Hi friends and family, we hope you are all doing well and staying busy. We are happy to have been able to take some time to update you on what’s going on with us here in Spain. Let’s start with the preaching work. Since Spring is here the weather is drastically improving here in Bilbao […]

Busier than a bee…

Have you ever wondered, ‘ what do other people think of me? or in general of the country where I’m from?’ Well, having lived outside of the US for over a year, we’ve had the chance to get a glimpse into how Americans are viewed and how others view the US. It’s really interesting and […]

Rich Blessings

How far? How you dey? Wetin dey happen? Well, you may be wondering what in the world we just said. Don’t worry we’ll explain more later and also what it has to do with our ministry and the congregation. The first month of the new year brought with it many wonderful developments both within the […]

Basque Winter

Well winter is officially here in the Basque Country. We knew that this day was coming so this time we thought that we would get ready. You see when we first moved to Bilbao in January we really didn’t know what we were in store for. Our friends from the south told us many things […]

Many Good Things

Jehovah certainly is good! During the month of October we had much to be thankful for. One of these things was the annual meeting and all of the new and exciting things made available to the organization. For us being outside of the United States the annual meeting buzz was different from what we are […]