Change is in the Air

Hello friends and blog readers! We hope that you’re doing great this week wherever you may live in the world. Here in the south of Spain the sun is shining and things are starting to really warm up with temperatures of nearly 30 degrees. That’s been really enjoyable for our ministry because it means that we have been able to get the cart witnessing off to a great start in an organized way. We’ll get more into that later. In this weeks blog post we’ll be sharing a few updates with you about our congregation and also what we’ve been up to lately. So let’s get started!

As I mentioned at the beginning of May we began to work the public witnessing in an organized way as a congregation. We currently have two locations in Portugal which are Tavira and Monte Gordo as well as some locations in Huelva. Many in the congregation have qualified to be invited to share in this activity and it has been a blessing to participate. We know that as summer approaches we can only expect more and more tourists to arrive which means more people that will receive a witness with the cart work. My wife and I have shifts on Friday and Saturday mornings in both of the locations in Portugal. We carry literature in English, German and Dutch for the many foreigners visiting from Northern Europe. The cart work is excellent for many of these cultures since they are more reserved and prefer to approach the cart themselves instead of have someone approach them. We look forward to many great experiences over the coming months!

Recently we have enjoyed the visit of many who are coming to ‘spy out the land’ so to speak. Our congregation along with some others both in Portugal and Spain have been on the list as congregations that could use help. Over the weekend we met an English couple who are serving in Sicily who heard about our congregation through the Circuit Overseer. They are actually in the Catania English congregation which was featured on a recent JW Broadcast program. It was interesting to talk to them about their territory in Sicily in the English congregation. They are responsible for looking after the many Africans that arrive to Italy and first land in Sicily. They expressed that it is a very busy and productive territory and that recently many have arrived to help in the congregation there. They are visiting a few congregations in Spain and Portugal and will likely make a decision soon about where to settle down.

We also had a nice couple from Germany who are spending a few weeks with us in the congregation. They have been very encouraged by being able to preach in the migrant worker camps and by the atmosphere and spirit of the congregation. I know I’ve said it before but it really is true. The spirit of this congregation is just wonderful and truly special. You’ll have to come out and see it for yourselves. The couple have been so encouraged that they want to try to arrange their affairs so that in the future they can come back to Huelva and stay for three months or so in order to really get a taste of life here. We love meeting new visitors especially when they are trying to reach out spiritually by expanding their ministry.

On to some other news. Over the weekend we finished our revised edition of our Online Teaching Book and we sent out copies of all of the presale orders. In the revised edition we now have a total of fifteen companies reviewed in addition to an added section on healthcare options and teaching certificates. We are really happy with the book in its current state of 55 pages. We have plans to expand by adding more companies as well as a section on equipment needed to teach English online. In celebration of the release we held an Instagram Giveaway Contest. We had a great response and we ended up giving away six copies of the book to the winners with the best emojis. The contest was a lot of fun and we’ll definitely be doing more in the future. We have some creative ideas in mind in order to make the contests more original 🙂 . We’ve been getting some great feedback so far on the book which makes us happy because we really want it to be of help to you in being able to support yourselves as you pursue your goals. In order to show our appreciation for all those that entered the contest we are offering a limited discount code for the Online Teaching Book. During checkout enter the code “Instagram” for a 35% off discount. This code will only be good for the next 48 hours. Along those lines we’ve slightly revamped our TESOL Course offerings and given the page a face lift. For those interested in obtaining your TESOL Certificate online you can learn more by clicking here.

Perhaps you may have noticed something different here at Two People in Spain. Yes, that’s right the blog logo is different. We had our eyes on this logo for several weeks but we never pulled the trigger. I had some time so I went ahead and made the changes and maybe I forgot to tell Kanicia lol. She actually likes the old logo better. Which one do you prefer? Along with our new logo we’re slowly expanding our new store JW Convention Gifts. We’ve gone ahead and added “Don’t give up” themed convention gifts and we are working on some new designs at the moment. You are also now able to order the designs in multiple languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, etc. Just let us know in the order notes what language you would like and what you want it to say specifically. We will soon expand into buttons, magnets and other exciting new options. We’re also excited because we’ve secured a partnership with a great production house that will allow us to offer many more designs within our store soon.

As you can see in our neck of the woods change is all around us. Speaking of change we have some changes taking place in the congregation. Some needgreaters are returning home such as the nice couple whom we stayed with when we first arrived in Andalucia almost a year and a half ago. They are a pioneer couple who are a great asset to the congregation. They will be missed. We also have another Spanish pioneer couple who will be visiting Honduras for several weeks in order to spy out the land there. Wherever they end up they will be a great blessing to the congregation. A few of our elders are in the elders school this week so we will be a little light at the meeting.

I have my elders school at the end of the year which should be awesome since it will be my first one. We have been busy with our summer plans for our travels and our car. At the moment we are having a special module built for our Renault which will allow us to have seats and a table in the back of the car as well as transform into a bed at the same time for two people. It should hopefully be ready this month so we’ll be heading to Madrid to pick it up. In a few weeks time we’ll be visiting a new congregation in Albufeira, Portugal for a public talk. We look forward to that as well as the occasion to do some sight-seeing in the area. So we hope you enjoyed this blog post and that you’re keeping busy. We send our love and greetings from southern Spain. Bye for now!

Your friends,

Antoine & Kanicia

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.

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  1. Shalina

    I’m sorry I didn’t quite catch the change in logo?

  2. Jeremy

    Keep up the wonderful work in Jehovah’s service ?

  3. Bill Robertson

    Hey , good to hear all is going well for you and I too did not notice the ‘change’ in logo but all seems good . Really like the news of the territory and congregation sounds awesome ! Jehovah’s people are busy and good to see many are looking to expand thier ministry in foreign fields..
    Keep up the great work and enjoy elder’s school ,it will be a bounty of spiritual food for you .

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Thanks Bill, I’m definitely looking forward to the school. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  4. Jheri

    Excellent blog very informative. Your report on the ministry is definitely inviting and exciting. I’m working on this goal right now to serve as a need greater. Watching others on Instagram have been a great source of encouragement to see if I could expand my ministry.

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Jheri, thanks for your comment. We’re glad that you enjoyed the post. That’s a great goal of wanting to serve where the need is great. There are many others out there with really interesting stories who are a source of encouragement. Best wishes on your plans. 🙂

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