February 2017 Review

Hello everyone! We hope that you are doing great and that you’ve had a wonderful month of February. This post will talk about our month of February and what we’ve learned from it. So hopefully you’ll be able to find some value in what you are about to read. We’ve been busy with the ministry and spending time getting to know different ones in our circuit. So let’s get into it.

In February began our expanded service of Auxiliary Pioneering at the normal requirement of 50 hours instead of 30 in January because of the C.O. visit. This month was important for us to be able to see how we would adjust to the increased hourly requirement. When we first moved to Huevla from the north of Spain it wasn’t easy to stop regular pioneering but we know that it was the most reasonable thing to do in our situation. We also knew that we could return one day to the ranks. By expanding our service now we are working toward that goal which will hopefully be realized in September, Jehovah willing. So one thing we can say right off the bat is that we really enjoyed our month in the ministry. It was wonderful to be able to give added support to preaching in the areas that are farther away as well as supporting smaller service groups that have a lot of work in front of them. Even though we were often tired at the end of the day it was the kind of tired that makes you feel good for having done what you could to support Kingdom interests. That’s a feeling that we wouldn’t trade for the world. As is always the case when you make an effort to expand your ministry Jehovah always blesses you. Our case was no different. We were able to have great discussions and experiences in the field that reminded us why we came to Spain in the first place. It’s been great having our schedule be more centered on our ministry and congregation activities. As a result of this Kanicia and I have both noticed that we are noticeably happier and more content. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have any problems but we are able to see past them and rest assured that Jehovah has our back. If anything once we decided to expand our preaching we encountered obstacles seemingly out of nowhere. It’s been wonderful seeing how Jehovah either removes obstacles or gives us what we need to endure. Often though it’s only after one puts themselves out there that they experience these blessings. So what have we learned from expanding our ministry in February? Well, a lot to be honest. But some key things that come to mind are that doing your best for Jehovah in this system is truly the best way of life there is. We are more determined to continue in our service and work towards our goals and we know that Jehovah will support us every step of the way as long as we remain faithful to him.  We’ve also seen that if we are willing to be out in the ministry and do the work then we will receive good experiences and be able to reach those who need to hear the good news. We have also seen that as we focus on helping others who don’t know Jehovah and who are experiencing many problems in this world it helps us to view our problems as not so bad. This is definitely the case here because many that we preach to live in deplorable conditions or have been thrown around by this system so badly that we can’t help but see the contrast between those serving Jehovah and those in this world. If you want to read about some of our experiences from this month in a previous post  you can by clicking here.

Another big highlight for us this past month was our weekend spent in Granada. We went there for Kanicia’s French competency test as well as to spend a weekend with the brothers and sisters preaching and for the public talk. Granada is such a wonderful city with a historic and culturally rich feel. We love walking through the city and getting lost in the narrow streets and cobblestone alleys. It’s also always enjoyable to sample the different tapas that are offered throughout the city especially since many places offer them free of charge with the purchase of a drink. It was also great to gaze at the Alhambra from one of the popular lookout points and take in the atmosphere. Above enjoying the city itself though we enjoyed good association with the local brothers in the English congregation. We had an amazing time preaching in the Sierra Nevada mountains in small remote villages searching for English speakers. We were encouraged by how hard the brothers work to cover their territory. We will not soon forget that weekend. As we reflect back on our time in Granada what lessons have we learned? The first thing that comes to mind is that Jehovah opens his hand to give us not only what we need but also some of our wants. For those that have made the move to serve in another country they can no doubt attest to the many blessings that Jehovah has poured out on them. While serving abroad you get to enjoy different cultures and beautiful sites and unique food that may not have been experienced otherwise. As we continue to serve in this beautiful country we are seeing this firsthand as well. So don’t be afraid that serving where the need is great will be boring or without any adventure or fun because quite the opposite is true. We’ve been so appreciative of this lately that we can’t help but be joyful. We know that more blessings lie ahead as well as challenges but we will be prepared for it all with Jehovah’s help. If you want to read about our weekend in Granada from a previous post you can by clicking here.

As we begin the month of March we already have much in store as Jehovah’s people. Soon we will be starting our Memorial campaign as we enter the memorial season. What a refreshing contrast it is to share in this all important work amid a divided and hate-filled world. This weekend we will be traveling to Granada again for our one day Circuit Assembly. We are eagerly looking forward to the program as we have head great things already about it. We’re looking forward to a relaxing weekend as we stay in a rural area of Granada and unwind before the program on Saturday. For the rest of the weekend we will be spending time in Seville for a special occasion. We’ll share more soon… Well that’s all for now everyone, we hope that you have a great week!

Your friends Antoine & Kanicia

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.

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  1. Bill Robertson

    Very enjoyable read and love the thoughts about ‘serving where the need is great ‘ and ‘good tired’ vs just ‘tired’ ,agree 200% ! Hope you enjoy the visits to the big cities and we hope the invitation work has many blessing from Jehovah and we’ll look forward to the response . Thanks for the update and your writing style really brings it to life . May Jehovah continue to richly bless your fine efforts there.

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Thanks for the comment! We’re glad that you enjoyed the post! 🙂

  2. Shalina

    Oh yeah, you have an anniversary coming up! 9 years–time flies indeed! Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Shalina

    Or is it 8 years?

  4. Elli

    Hello friends, my husband and I serve in Belize, but he has been looking at Spain! My fist investigation tells me that the immigration requirements make it too difficult… What’s your view on this? How have you managed? We’re both US citizens, and we teach online, too. Suggestions? If you could email that would be so helpful!
    [email protected]

    Thanks bunches, Carl and Elli

  5. Tamara

    Hola, just wondering if you have any links to cost of living expenses in Granada area? I have looked on ‘google’ at long term apt rentals but wondering if this a good indication or are there better deals once you arrive there etc? We are currently serving in Spanish in Central America. Kind regards, Tam.

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