Field Service in Murcia Day One

Field Service in Murcia Day One

Well Sunday morning we were able to share in the ministry with the French group for the first time. The service meeting started at 10am at a sisters home. The group was conducted by the special pioneer brother. We were shown how to use confirmed and non-confirmed slips for the French speakers in the territory. Since the group is still in the beginning stages the territory will be able to be built up and worked more effectively this way. The brother then showed us the brochure ‘You can be God’s friend’ in Bambara and Wolof which are spoken by Africans from Senegal and Mali. He then showed us an effective presentation to offer these publications to the ones in our territory who may speak these languages. After the prayer we enjoyed some light refreshments and the strong Spanish coffee so typical here.

We worked with the couple that we are staying with and did return visits at the market and worked some search territory. There are many French speaking Africans that we saw at the market. We spoke to a man who had received magazines from the brother the week before and we set up an arrangement to visit him in his home and hopefully start a study. We spoke to another man who was very humble and said that he had received an invitation to the meeting and he said he would try to make it. Here it is very easy to find French speakers because they are predominantly African. During the search work we found a possible French speaker but it turned out that she was from Guinea a Spanish speaking African country. We enjoyed the morning in service and it allowed us to get a taste for the ministry here!

Out in Service in Murcia
On our way to the territory
A display for Magazines in French



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We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.