Greetings From Spain!

Greetings From Spain!

Hello dear friends! It’s been a little while since we’ve posted so it’s nice to get back into the swing of things. Many wonderful things have taken place since our last post in December here in the south of Europe. In this post, we want to update you on what’s new with us as well as share some things that we find interesting. OK, let’s do it!

In the month of January, we moved out of our apartment in Portugal and back into our apartment in Spain. It’s nice to be back in Spain for many reasons. One of the main ones is that we are closer to the Kingdom hall located in Lepe. We also really like the building and apartment that we are in. One of the highlights in the month of January was the visit of the circuit overseer and his wife. It’s always encouraging to have a special week of activity. We have our next visit planned for May which will be no doubt encouraging as well. During the visit in January, many in the congregation were sick because of the flu going around which was unfortunate. Even the C.O.’s wife was sick!

Another highlight of January was the pioneer meeting with the elders. This was very encouraging as we now have twenty-three pioneers in the congregation so the meeting was well supported. It seems like everyone in attendance was dealing with one challenge or another and the encouragement came just at the right time. As Kanicia and I enjoy our time back in full-time service we have definitely had to face challenges and we know that we will face many more as we near the end of this system. One thing that is great about this hall is that we often get visitors which lets us meet new friends and learn about other parts of the world. Some visitors stay for a few days to a few months. If you are thinking about coming to the south of Spain to serve in the English field we would love to have you! Something else that has been a real blessing to the hall is the addition of a new ministerial servant who was announced after the circuit overseer visit. All in the congregation were happy with the news.

During the months of January and February, we have been busy with our ministry. We’re happy that we’ve been able to establish a good schedule that works well for us. Our ministry days are Friday to Monday. Fridays and Mondays are our longer days while during the weekend we support the preaching in Portugal and try to do return visits and studies. It’s been a real treat for us to be able to support the different arrangements all throughout the territory. As of now, our congregation is unique in that it covers territory in both Spain and Portugal in the English field. So one day we may be preaching to an agricultural worker in a camp in Huelva and another day we might be preaching to a retired person from northern Europe in a big house on the hill in the Algarve, Portugal. So as you can see the ministry is quite different but it allows you us to see that we share the same message to everyone despite their circumstances. One nice experience that we had in the camps was with a man named Toho from the Ivory Coast. As we greeted him for the first time he recognized us as Jehovah’s Witnesses and asked us where we’d been. A little surprised we asked him what he meant. He said that he had been waiting for the Witnesses to come by so that he could speak with them. He then went on to explain to us that he studied and went to meetings in Italy where he was living before coming to Spain. He is also pretty much the only Christian in the camp whereas all the rest are Muslim so it is challenging for him. We were very happy to meet him and we started studying in the Good News brochure right there. He has since attended many meetings at the Kingdom Hall.


There have also been exciting things taking place in the congregation as new things take shape in Portugal in the English speaking territory. Recently it was announced from the platform that there will be an English group forming in Tavira, Portugal. There will also be a special weekend meeting in Tavira for the English speaking interested ones in the area. This is something that our congregation in Spain has been working towards for a long time. Now all of a sudden it will become a reality. Some from our congregation who live in Portugal will support the group. While we are happy that Jehovah is clearly directing matters in our territory for the advancement of the good news we are also sad that we will not meet together any longer with some of our friends. This will no doubt impact how territory is worked and many other things which remain to be seen. It’s exciting being in the middle of such nice developments and we look forward to seeing how things progress.

Check out this short video that Kanicia made documenting the activity of a typical long day in service.

As far as me and Kanicia, we are doing good. Kanicia’s back is not giving her as much pain as when she injured it and we’ve been staying busy with spiritual things. We feel like we’re getting into a good groove and we hope that it continues. In February, we took a holiday to the Azores islands which are off the coast of western Portugal in the middle of the Atlantic. If you want to read about our experience there including what we did, where we stayed and if we recommend it click on the links below to our travel blog, Far and Away Places.

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Needless, to say the Azores are an amazing place and we would love to go back someday! Next week we will be traveling to Berlin, Germany for a Travel Conference which will help us to develop relationships for our travel blog as well as learn more about the industry. We’ll be there for the week and it will actually be the first time for either of us to Germany. We don’t look forward to the cold weather but we’ve been reading about Berlin and it seems like an amazing city!

As we prepare for the next few months we have much to look forward to including our circuit assembly in Granada and¬†Regional Convention in Madrid among other other things. We hope that you’ve enjoyed this blog post and that you’re staying busy wherever you are in the world.

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Your friends,
Antoine & Kanicia

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.

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  1. Debby Woods

    Enjoyed the video of your day in the ministry. Kanicia did a great job. You should teach a course on instagram. Well done.
    Stand firm, your sis in Atlanta, Ga & Nice, France, Debby Woods (SavvyPassport)

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Thanks for the nice comment and we’re glad that you enjoyed the video! We’ve thought about doing a course on Instagram so maybe it could be something that you see in the future.

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