Happy Memorial Week

Hello everyone and happy Memorial week! Things have been busy for us last week with the ministry and other personal projects. One great thing lately is that the weather seems to be consistently good now that spring is here. What does this mean for us? We’ve been able to enjoy taking daily walks either along the natural reserve path behind our house or along the beach up the road. It’s amazing how just getting outside even for as little as thirty minutes can really refresh and energize you. Since we work from home getting outside to do something in nature daily has been a personal goal of ours. We’re really enjoying it and noticing many positive benefits. It’s really nice to be able to clear your head and talk about the day with one another. Sometimes teaching can be stressful depending on the student because many of them have demanding jobs or live in fast paced cities where they hardly have a free minute.

When you contrast that with the slow pace of life here in southern Spain it can sometimes make it hard to relate. Reflecting on our students makes us happy that we did not pursue a materialistic course or a prestigious career because often times we see that it leads to a lot of anxiety and stress. During the last week we’ve enjoyed being able to have a nice share in the ministry as we finished up our Memorial campaign particularly in Portugal. For the past several months an older sister has been trying to make arrangements to do public witnessing with the cart with Kanicia in Tavira. For one reason or another it hasn’t worked out. Finally, last Friday everything lined up just right and we were able to meet the sister at her home and bring her to the center of Tavira where we do the cart witnessing. The weather couldn’t have been better and there were many tourists out as well. We set the cart up near the main bridge in town where everyone crosses to get into the town center. Several people stopped to look at the cart and it served as a great witness. It was great to spend time with our dear older sister since it’s hard for her to get around due to not being able to drive. As we talked and observed the people coming and going around us I couldn’t help but feel grateful for being able to participate in this type of witnessing work. Not only did we get to give a witness but we also were able to enjoy a beautiful day in a lovely setting with good encouraging association. These are some of the joys that we cherish for having reached out to serve where the need is great.

Earlier that morning we had been preaching with a couple in Spain who will be leaving next month for Honduras to spy out the land. They will be looking at serving on some islands there that need help. It’s always exciting to spend time with others who are actually in the process of making huge adjustments to move somewhere to expand their ministry. We know this couple will be a great help in whatever congregation they serve in but we will miss them if they do decide to stay in Honduras. On Sunday we returned to Portugal to finish up my rural territory. We had four addresses left so we knew that it would be possible to complete. As we finished up the territory we prepared to head home but first we stopped at a local grocery store before heading back to Spain. We were quite tired still from Friday since we had done a lot of driving. As we pulled into the parking lot we parked and started walking to enter the store. We looked up and saw a pioneer couple from our hall just sitting in their car. As we approached them they explained that they were waiting for their service partners but they weren’t sure where they were and weren’t able to get a hold of them. We entered the grocery store and took a break with some Portuguese refreshments. Even though we were tired we felt that it would be best if we continued on and helped out the couple finish their territory. They were very thankful and said that Jehovah led us there so that they wouldn’t have to work alone. We agreed and off we went to a territory in the hills of the Algarve. This pioneer couple had previously served in South Africa and Botswana doing construction work. It was fascinating to hear about all of their experiences and how Jehovah provided everything they needed along the way. They encouraged us to thing about getting involved in construction work especially now that the branch project in Madrid will restart. We had never really thought about construction work although Kanicia has some experience from the past. After talking with them it is something that we will keep before Jehovah in prayer and who knows what the future will hold.

We finished the territory and the brother asked how our ministry was going. We explained that things were going good and that we enjoyed being out in service more and spending more time with the friends. We explained that we wanted to reenter the full time pioneer service in September, Jehovah willing. We then started talking about Bible studies and the brother shared with me that he currently has six Bible studies. He then asked me if I wanted a Bible study. I said that I would love to have one. Even though I’ve had some in the past while in the south of Spain they had moved away. The brother then told me that there is a man from Ghana who lives in a town near me who he studies with but would like to turn over because of the distance involved. I said that I would be happy to take over the study. So even though at this point we were quite tired we left Portugal and headed back to Spain to visit the man from Ghana. I was introduced to him and now I have a new study! So as we look back on how things happened that afternoon it’s amazing to see that Jehovah can direct his people where he wants them and at just the right time to further Kingdom interests.

As our meeting started we had a visiting speaker that gave a wonderful talk on bearing up under persecution. The brother talked about Russia and everything that is happening there at the moment. He mentioned that Jehovah is no doubt behind the fact that they will not have to meet in court again until Wednesday. Enjoy your Memorial brothers in Russia and may it strengthen you for what lies ahead! After the meeting on Sunday we had our Memorial rehearsal. We are privileged to have a visiting speaker and his wife from Germany Bethel to give our talk. We look forward to how the outline is developed and to welcoming all of the new ones. Needless to say it has been a busy weekend.

On top of all of the activity during the weekend we have also been working hard on updating and revising our Online Teaching Guide. We will be adding several new companies, a section on TESOL certificates and information on how to succeed as an online teacher. If you already purchased a copy of the Guide, don’t worry you will get the updated version at no cost automatically when it’s released. The presale is now open for the revised version of the Teaching Guide. It will be available for a limited time. We plan to launch the revised Guide during the first week of May. If you purchase a copy of the guide right now during the presale you will be able to lock in the original price of only $25 before the price is raised once the guide is released during May. This will also include lifetime updates for free. Several people have already secured a copy of the the updated Guide during the presale and have saved money by doing so. Here’s the new video that we recorded describing some of the features that will be added.

Teach Online Video from Antoine Cognard on Vimeo.

We’ve also included a sample section of the guide profiling one of the Teaching companies that you can preview for free to get an idea of what the Guide will be like. This guide also makes a great gift for future needgreaters which is why we’ve enabled the option to purchase as a gift. We’ve also opened up a special program to give back to those that purchase the guide which we are calling Needgreaters helping Needgreaters. Once you pick up a copy you’ll receive an email explaining more details shortly after. If you are interested in teaching English online as a way to support yourself either now or in the future, at home or abroad then click on the link below and learn more about the Guide and then pick up a presale order.

Teaching English Online Guide PRESALE

Well friends that’s all for now! Have a great Memorial tomorrow and a wonderful rest of the week!

Warm regards,

Antoine & Kanicia

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.

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