“How can the Bible help me right NOW?!? “

A few weeks ago Kanicia had placed a tract with a man from Africa in street work. He was struggling very much here in Spain with finding work. He wanted to know how the Bible would help him right now. How would it help him find a job and eat. Kanicia explained the practical aspect of applying Bible principles in your life and the satisfaction from finding answers to deep questions. The man gave his number to Kanicia and the sister and that was the end of it.

About a week or so after the initial encounter I called this man to see if he would like to meet to continue the discussion. He told me that he would be in another city several hours away for the next few weeks in order to look for work. This is very common for ones in our territory to leave for weeks or months at a time to other parts of Spain in order to find work. So I told him that I would call him when he returns. A few weeks pass and I call him to schedule something. He agrees to meet me at the old immigration building in Murcia at 6pm on Friday evening. That evening a Spanish couple and their daughter from the English congregation were joining us at our service meeting at 5pm. By the way the daughter Rebecca is not even two years old and she can already speak in complete sentences in English and Spanish. She also can sing complete songs and is able to say the masculine and feminine tenses correctly in Spanish! Anyways, back to the service story…

So the brother and I arrive at the old immigration building after dropping off Kanicia and Sarah to have a Bible study with a Nigerian woman. (Maybe she’ll write a post about that…) We meet the man whose name is Manolu. We start talking and I’m able to get a better understanding of what his concerns are. He is the oldest of 14 siblings from his father’s two wives back home in Cameroon. His own mother passed away recently and it seems as if the father is out of the picture. He is the only one of his family here in Spain and his whole family is looking to him to be the breadwinner to send money back to Africa. He lives in the ghetto or as he explained it to me, a section of abandoned buildings. He truly has a great load on his shoulders. So as we were explaining to him how a study of the Bible Teach book works he wanted to know how this could help him right now, with all of his problems! I told him that while its true that once you start studying the Bible it is not a guarantee that you will find a job the next day but it will help you to understand why we are in the situation that we are in. It will help you to know why God permits suffering and you will see that there is a reason for hope despite living in difficult conditions! After speaking for several minutes I asked him if I could call him at the end of the week and try to set something up with him. I told him that I would bring him a Bible in French as well. He agreed! So I will keep you posted on how he is doing.

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.