How I got hired by VIPKID in 7 days to teach English (and how you can too)!

How I got hired by VIPKID in 7 days to teach English (and how you can too)!

Hi, everyone, I thought that I would put together this post to briefly share what’s been going on recently with us. Since we’ve gotten back from our holidays over the summer things have been CRAZY  busy. This seems to be the new normal but I hope that things slow down eventually. In this post, I want to focus on a new company that I started working for called VIPKID. I’ll show you how I was hired from applying to signing a contract in under seven days. Let’s get started. 

So VIPKID is an online English teaching company that teaches Chinese children. They have their headquarters in Beijing, China and have several thousand students currently. As a teacher, you would teach using your computer and webcam in a one-on-one environment with the student. The classes last for 25 minutes and then you’re on to the next student. All of the material is provided for you in advance so this saves you a lot of time. The classes are meant to be fun and engaging which is why you are encouraged to use props and be animated in order to keep the children’s attention.

Here are some details about pay and hiring requirements. VIPKID pays it’s teachers up to $22/hr. The average pay is $14-$22 which will depend on your experience and other factors. You are paid per class and you receive bonuses just for being on time as well as having an open schedule. They direct deposit your salary every month to your bank. They don’t withhold any taxes so this would be up to you to do. They encourage you to have availability during the peak Chinese times but this is not required. You also don’t have to have a minimum amount of hours available. So to review, no lesson planning and no grading! How cool is that?

If you want to apply to VIPKID just click here.

So what was it like to apply and go through the process you might be wondering. Here’s how it went. I filled out the super simple online application form. Within the hour I was emailed and notified that I had been selected for an interview. Since the interview also includes a brief 10-minute demo lesson I made sure to review all of the material provided in order to be ready. I scheduled my interview and answered a few questions and then began my demo lesson. I was teaching the person interviewing me who was acting like a 5-year-old Chinese student. This was interesting to say the least, lol. After feedback, I was told that I would be contacted with my demo lesson results. Again within the hour, I received an email notifying me that I had passed the interview and demo lesson stage.

Now comes the time to prepare for the mock lessons. The mock lesson is a combination of two classes of 10 minutes and 15 minutes that you have to teach based on the lesson material that is provided. The classes are meant to determine whether you will be better suited to teach younger or older children. The training and prep materials are absolutely excellent and they really don’t leave anything to chance. If you go over it well you should be fine. They really want you to succeed. One way to do well on the mock lessons is to get some props. I went to Ikea and another local store and got a whiteboard, finger puppets, and a stuffed animal. This was a great investment because it allowed my interviewer to see that I was prepared and taking things seriously. Another big tip is to get an orange shirt since this is the company color and what all the teachers wear. I was able to pick one up at a local sports store for a few euros.

If you want to apply to VIPKID just click here.

During the mock lesson, I tried to be engaging, friendly and also keep in mind the level of English of my student. My best advice would be to just have fun, be silly and make sure that you keep the student engaged. After the first 10 minute portion of the mock lesson, you receive detailed feedback on what was good and what could be better. Make sure that you apply what is told to you for the next 15-minute section. This will show how well you listen. After the mock lesson, you will receive notification of the results and whether or not you move on. I quickly received an email notifying me that I had passed the mock one lesson and that I would be moved on to the next stage!

Now normally, this would be the part where you start to prepare for your mock two lesson, unless you were absolutely amazing and were hired on the spot after the mock one. For me, things went a little differently. I received an email with a special invitation to a pilot program which consisted of a two-hour live training which would basically guarantee me the job if I took it. This would be in place of having to take the mock two demo. I happily signed up for the pilot training program and attended it the same day I received the email. The training was very informative and I was able to ask questions and see what concerns other teachers had. After this, I got the job! 

If you want to apply to VIPKID just click here.

Let me talk about the requirements for those thinking of applying. You will need to have a college bachelors degree. You will also need to have an American or Canadian accent (sorry British people, I didn’t make the rules). They say that this is important because they don’t want to confuse the children with many different accents. It is also helpful if you have some teaching experience but this is not really required officially. There are many people that work here without having any teaching experience before starting. As long as you have worked with children in the past even something as simple as babysitting you can mention this and it will be better than nothing. If you have actually taught children in a school setting then this would be great. And lastly, you will obviously need access to a computer with a highspeed internet connection and a webcam and headset. That’s it! 

VIPKID is a professional, reputable company who are one of the leaders in the online teaching space. It’s a great job because like anything online you can do it from anywhere and focus on what you are truly passionate about outside work like volunteer service, travel or a favorite hobby. I hope that my experience has been helpful to you and if you are thinking about applying just go for it! You never know what it might lead to. 

If you want to apply to VIPKID just click here.

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  1. Hey, I have a question: what hours do you typically work?

    1. Hi Shalina, afternoons. The schedule is open to whenever you are available however they do have peak times for the students. These are generally in the evenings Beijing time.

  2. Hi guys! I just got hired at VIPKid also!!! Looks great so far! I am still working through the TESOL course through your school, which counted in my favor.

    1. Congrats! That’s great to hear! I hope you enjoy working there. Greetings to your family. 🙂

  3. I am considering working for ligoda or vipkids. Is there an advantage/disadvantage to one or the other? Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Ann, we haven’t really had any personal experience with Lingoda so can’t really comment on that. VIPKID though is a great company with a very professional set up. There are so many companies out there that it pays to do research to make sure that you’re selecting one that fits you well. Best wishes on your future decision.

  4. Hi there!
    I noticed that you said the lessons are typically 30 minutes long, yet you get paid on an hourly basis. Is the hourly wage guaranteed, whether or not you teach more than 1 lesson within that hour (since you were technically “availiable”)? So in other words, will you end up teaching back to back lessons in order to earn your hourly wage? Also when you are “available” during a slot of time, are you guaranteed to have students?

    1. Hi Kirah, you would need to teach two lessons in order to get the hourly wage. If you don’t teach any students then you don’t earn anything unless it is a last minute cancellation or a technical problem on the students end. This is how it’s calculated. You are not guaranteed to have students during your available slot time. This is typical of many companies. Regards,

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