italki Online Language Teacher

italki Online Language Teacher


italki is an online language learning service where language students from all over the world can find online language teachers and book live language lessons with them.  Teachers can apply as a teacher on italki and if approved, can create a Teacher Profile and immediately tap into millions of potential language students. Teachers teach online using Skype or other free VOIP software programs.  italki makes it easy for teachers by handling all the complicated and tedious work needed to get started teaching a language online. While neither of us have taught on italki we are both using the platform to improve our Spanish. Kanicia used to have a teacher from the US who was pioneering and supported himself solely using italki.


italki is the world’s largest marketplace for online teachers. They currently have over 1.5 million language students learning over 100 different languages on italki. As an online language teacher, you get instant exposure to all the students from around the world. As an approved italki teacher, students can search for you in the italki Teacher listings. italki handles everything for the teacher: marketing, scheduling, payment and student management. What this means for you is that you can customize your schedule and start teaching quickly with less hassle.


A possible downside to italki is that you represent yourself so it could be more competitive if you don’t have a lot of experience or credentials. This is in comparison to working in a language academy or an online school where the school provides you with all of your students and you don’t have to market yourself after you have the job.


On italki you are paid per class which can range from 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes. You can also create custom packages that will include a bundle of classes geared toward grammar, exam prep or some other area for your students. These bundles will will allow you to charge a larger one-time amount which is paid in advance of the actual teaching as opposed to only receiving payment for individual classes as they are booked. Depending on your experience and credentials the average for Professional Teachers from the US teaching English ranges from €15 – €30 per class depending on the class length. If you don’t have any certificates or qualifications you can still teach as a Community Tutor. This would be someone who helps with informal tutoring or speaking practice. The pay for this position would be lower than that of Professional Teacher.


In order to work for italki you need to be approved as a teacher by italki. You can teach any language since the website has a global audience. It also helps if you speak a second language since this could be used as your support language which would be beneficial to some students. Also having a TESOL Certificate and/or other teaching credentials will help you to qualify as a Professional Teacher. The technical requriements are as follows: A computer or tablet device connected to the Internet, a headset and webcam, and Skype or other free VOIP programs. Click on the link below if you want to apply or learn more about this company.


If you have any additional questions about italki teaching opportunities feel free to send us an email at [email protected]. Subscribe to our blog where we will be posting regular updates every Sunday.

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We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.