Jamon, Olives & Manchego Que Rico!

Well many of you may be curious as to what we are eating while here in Spain. Thankfully our host Alfredo as well as the other friends that we have made all love to eat! This is very typical in Spain. At the bethel we were able to enjoy a lovely dinner with brother Manuel and Rosa as well as Pablo and Rebecca who are attending the couples school. We not only are getting used to the food here but also the way of eating. Spainiards eat in tapas style as many of you know. We would usually have all the food brought out to the table and then we would take some of what we would like and pass it around to others. At this dinner we had jamon, chorizo, manchego, olives, bread (pan) and red wine. We then had a simple dessert of homemade yogurt with sugar and coffee. It was all very delicious! The coffee here in Spain and not like in America. It is more like a  double espresso and then you can add hot milk or sugar. It is much stronger and it is quite good! It is very typical for the meals to have wine as well as coffee and some small dessert. This was the case as well in the bethel family lunch! We have also enjoyed some wonderful prawns with the head on as well as churros and tapas like potatas bravas and other things. One other thing that surprised us about the Spanish meals is that the people here eat FAST! This is something that we did not expect. They eat even quicker in bethel! We are slowly picking up the pace… We think that we will not have a problem getting used to the food here! We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Jamon hanging in a storefront in Madrid
Enjoying Prawns at Alredo’s house
Enjoying Jamon, and Chorizo at Alfredo’s house
Olives in a fancy shop in Madrid Central

Antoine & Kanicia

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