January 2017 Review

January 2017 Review

Hello everyone! We hope your doing great as the end of January approaches. As promised we will be writing a review of each month as a way of looking back and reflecting on what happened. It’s incredible that the first month of 2017 is already over. We’ve had a busy but productive month. Much of the month centered around spiritual activities which was great.


The month started with the visit of the Circuit Overseer and his wife. It was great to have them both in our hall for a week. We were all encouraged by the program and we had great support for the preaching work. After the visit the congregation enjoyed hearing the announcement of two new elders being appointed. With all of the good news everyone was spurred on to continued activity.


This month we got started with our goal of starting up the auxiliary pioneer service. Since it was the visit of the C.O. we opted for the 30 hour option. This proved to be just the right amount for us to ease our way back into a form of pioneer service. We really enjoyed being out in service more and working with different brothers and sisters. We had the opportunity to enjoy some longer days preaching in the migrant camps as well as in Portugal which is always a joy. We hope that we can be more consistently out in these areas so that we can build up our calls and studies over time.

One thing that we really enjoy is giving outgoing talks at new congregations. This is especially nice when we are able to stay with the local brothers for the weekend to really get a taste of the territory and congregation. We had the opportunity to do this in Cadiz during January. We stayed with a lovely family and we enjoyed our time a lot with the congregation. We look forward to visiting other congregations during February.


Towards the end of the month we were happy to have a visitor stay with us from Florence, Italy named Gina. She’s actually from Sweden but has been living in Italy for the last few years. It was great to have her with us for a short stay. We learned a lot about the preaching work in the English field in Florence and we tried to explain what things were like in our local area in Spain. It was a nice visit because we were able to be out in service almost everyday that she was here. This helped her to get a good feel for our territory. We were able to preach in both Spain and Portugal in different types of territory. This was Gina’s first time in Spain so we had to have chocolate and churros as well as visit the beach. Overall we really enjoyed the visit and we look forward to more visitors in the future.

One of our goals this year is to simplify by getting rid of some of our extra material possessions. During the month we got rid of four large bags full of clothing and electronic components and other random items. It felt good to get rid of these things because now we don’t have to worry about them anymore. We also have a lot more space available in our office closet. We look forward to continuing this trend as the months go by. We watched an interesting documentary called Minimalism which talks about downsizing and society’s relationship with material possessions. It was interesting and we learned a lot. While we are not anywhere near being minimalists the movie helped us to see what things we could live without.

Throughout the month of January we were focused on our new way of eating. Basically we’re cutting out animal products and gluten when possible. We did pretty good overall and we noticed that we feel better. Overall we’re happy with how the month went and we look forward to good things in February. We’ve also been happy with the amount of people that have signed up for our Moving Abroad Guide and the feedback that we’ve received so far. If you haven’t checked it out, go and sign up for it. We think that you will find some value in it especially if you are considering moving abroad in the future. We hope that you are doing well where ever you may be in the world and that’s all for this week.


Warm regards,

Antoine & Kanicia

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