La prédication en Espagne

So is the preaching work different here in Spain than back home in California? Yes and No. For one thing we do the search work in much the same manner as we did back home. One of the differences is that here there are many more apartments with buzzers and intercoms. So the brothers here become skilled at being direct and observant. We are learning to adapt to as well. One thing that is nice here is that culturally it seems that people are more willing to talk on the intercom and are generally helpful to us in our search work.

Another thing that we have observed is that the vast majority of the friends prefer the pocket sized bibles because they are lighter and more discreet. We walk a lot so the friends don’t want to be carrying much. Also we have not seen to many book bags with the straps or messenger bags. Instead the friends seem to prefer small magazine holders that are almost like a little folder that fit the publications perfectly. This is also light weight and discreet.

We have been enjoying our time in the ministry and have been having some nice experiences. Here are a few. Today during search work Kanicia was able to speak to a lady from a French speaking Muslim country, likely Tunisia. She was found using the intercom in an apartment building. Kanica was able to overcome the possible conversation stopper “I”m muslim”, by saying that we enjoy speaking to people of all faiths because we all have to deal with common issues like family life, safety and the economy. This opened the way for Kanicia to share a message and the householder allowed Kanicia to enter the building and leave a publication in her box!

Another nice experience happened while we were working in a neighborhood with A LOT of immigrants and French speakers from Africa. Myself and a young brother named Alberto were doing street work and we stopped to wait for the sisters to meet us in an open area near some apartment buildings. After a few minutes had passed out of nowhere an African man approaches us. A little surprised we say hello and introduce ourselves. The man tells us his name and then we let him know what we are doing in the neighborhood and asks him if he speaks French. He says yes! 🙂 A little stunned I share with him the brochure ‘Good News from God’ and ask him which question interests him the most on the back of the brochure. He chooses chapter 10 ‘How to find the true religion’. We turn to the chapter and I show him how the brochure works and invite him to study. He says that he would be interested in considering that. I gave him my number and asked if I could have his information as well. He gave us his number and his address which just so happened to be the building right behind us! We couldn’t believe what had just happened but we thanked Jehovah for being able to be in the right place at the right time!

Doing search work in a small town
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Service Group at a home
Croissant & Cappuccinos at local Cafe in Murcia

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.