March 2017 Review

Hello there friends! Can you believe it? We’re already in the month of April and the Memorial is only a week away! Time flies when your busy that’s for sure. No doubt you have been busy with the multiple campaigns taking place last month. March was certainly an active month for many to say the least. As we normally do here on our blog we want to review highlights from the last month and share any lessons that we’ve learned. So let us share with you what we’ve been up to.

During March we had our circuit assembly in Granada. We always enjoy going to Granada because of its beauty and culture. It has to be one of the most beautiful cities in Spain that we’ve seen so far. The nice thing about being from another country and serving where the need is great is that you are able to appreciate things from a different perspective. For example, when we travel to places like Granada we appreciate all the little things that may go unnoticed by someone who has lived in this country all of their life. New experiences are cherished and remembered and this adds to our joy serving in this country. The assembly in Granada taught us much about our service to Jehovah and his organization. Some of the most powerful lessons however were before and after the program for us. We knew that we had to do everything we could to attend the program since we would be spiritually encouraged and built up. As usual obstacles presented themselves to test our determination to go. Some of these obstacles came in the form of financial as well as physical challenges. We thought that we may not be in a position to attend but we went ahead anyways with our plans. We saw Jehovah smooth out the way for us and we were grateful. During the assembly weekend Kanicia wasn’t feeling well but we were able to get ourselves together and make it through the program. As we look back on that weekend we can clearly see that it has strengthened our trust in Jehovah and his ability to provide specific solutions for his individual servants. We now are more ready then before to place ourselves in Jehovah’s hands and realize that he is really the best driver. If you didn’t get a chance to read our post on the assembly in Granada and how Jehovah helped us you can read it by clicking here. If you want to read about how to cope with chronic illnesses like migraines while abroad you can read our post about it by clicking here.

Another highlight for the month of March has been the Memorial campaign. It has been a pleasure to have an active share in distributing our beautiful Memorial invitations to English speaking people in our territory. The weather in March has been great in general and there is no other place that we would rather be than in the ministry with our dear brothers and sisters. We’ve been able to explore new areas of our territory, many of them being in beautiful regions of the Algarve in Portugal near lovely beaches, picturesque mountains and relaxing lakes. This territory is truly a joy to work! We have also been able to have a greater share in the cart witnessing especially in Portugal. We’ve had several really good experiences with interested ones which we hope will continue. The congregation is currently organizing a schedule for the cart work which will allow many more to have a more regular share in this exciting activity. We pray Jehovah’s blessing on these efforts! If you want to read our past post talking about our Memorial campaign you can by clicking here.

March has also been special because of the worldwide letter writing campaign to the Russian officials. It is sad what is happening to our dear brothers in that part of the world. It is a privilege to be able to have a small share in showing support for our brothers by writing letters. It has been heart-warming to see the outpouring of love from all over the world supporting this initiative! These events show how close we are to the end of this system, without a doubt. Soon we will know how things will turn out for our Russian brothers but until then we are keeping them in our prayers.

During March we were also excited to have created our first product that we launched on this blog. We created an Online English Teaching Guide which goes into detail about the top ten companies to work for as an English teacher online. We had received feedback through a survey of our blog readers to find out what kinds of things people wanted to know about when it came to teaching online. We also did extensive research on dozens of companies in order to present only the best ones. The guide is around forty pages and it also includes an FAQ section which answers common questions about teaching English online. We have been teaching English online for a few years and we continue to do it to this day. We always recommend this type of work for needgreaters that are looking to support themselves since it offers a lot of flexibility and convenience. The company that we work for is Learnship but there are many others that are good as well. We’ve recently just updated the positions that Learnship is looking for in the month of April. If you want to check it out you can click here. We were a little nervous releasing the Teaching Guide but we were also excited. We decided to do a limited release of only seven days. In this way we would be able to update and add to the guide once access was closed. After launching the guide we were thrilled to see the response! Ones from all over the world in places such as the US, Spain, France, the UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, the Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Ecuador and more purchased the guide. We did experience a few technical hiccups but with patience we overcame them and now we’re better prepared for the next launch. At the moment access to the guide is closed and we’re taking all of the feedback on board and updating and revising the guide. We are adding several new companies as well as information on healthcare and TESOL certificates. If you want to be emailed when we release the new updated edition of the guide just enter your email address below.

Those that have already purchased the guide will receive the updated version at no cost as well as all other updates made in the future. If you want to learn more about the guide and watch our video describing what’s inside you can click here.

Last weekend we took a day off to celebrate the launch of our guide and a great month of March. We decided to go to Seville. We had been wanting to visit Seville as tourists for a while now but it never really worked out. As is usually the case, being patient yields the best results. On Saturday morning we had a leisurely breakfast at home before making our way towards Seville. We live about an hour and twenty minutes from Seville so it’s really not that far. We couldn’t have asked for a better day of weather as it was sunny but not too hot. When we reached Seville the first order of business was tapas! We had found a place on Trip Advisor that seemed right up our alley. It was the kind of locals place that we love with good food, a nice atmosphere and an authentic vibe. We parked the car across the river and took the metro in since parking in the city center can be nearly impossible. It has been over a year since we’ve taken a metro so it was like old times and it reminded us of living in Bilbao when we didn’t have a car. The metro took us right to the city center where we instantly were surrounded by the lively, bustling atmosphere of Seville. Now is where things get interesting…

We turned on our phone navigation system to take us to the tapas bar. Once we got away from the tourist areas is when we really could see the character of Seville come alive. As we meandered between narrow streets and beautiful old homes we couldn’t help but stop and take photos every few minutes. After getting lost a few times we finally made it to the tapas bar. The winding streets made us feel a little like being back in Morocco but thankfully we found our way. As we approached the bar we asked the waiter about the wait time. He told us that there was a wait of about forty minutes for a table. Well, good thing for us that we didn’t want a table anyways. He said we could order at the bar but we better do it quickly because the kitchen closes in 30 minutes at 4pm. As we opened the door to enter the bar it was like stepping into a big fat Spanish family reunion. There were people everywhere with not a space to stand at the bar. Thankfully, we know the protocol of eating in a Spanish bar. It’s like a contact sport. So Kanicia scanned the length of the bar for any opening. She saw that there was a spot but it was only big enough for barely one person if they stood sideways. Perfect! We made our move as more and more people flooded in behind us eager to eat and possibly take our spot! haha. We dashed to the open spot and kind of bumped into the man to our left. “Perdon” we said. “No pasa nada” he replied. We were in! As the waiter behind the bar moved a thousand miles a minute she stopped and calmly asked what we would like to drink while handing us two menus without missing a beat. We ordered because if we didn’t who knows when they would return. She saw that we meant business once we spit back our order like we’ve seen this movie before. She smiled and got the drinks ready. A few moments later we had ordered several tapas and we became part of the family reunion. The tapas came and were delicious and we were so happy that made it on time. After leaving the tapas bar we wandered around the town center visiting various points of interest. We then headed out towards the Plaza de Espana which is an iconic square in Seville. Once there we relaxed and just soaked in the beauty surrounding us. It truly is something that you must see if you visit Seville. We left Seville happy that we went and promising to not wait so long before coming back.

On another note we’re happy to welcome three needgreaters in our hall from the US. We got to work in the ministry with one of them on Sunday and we are really happy that there are other needgreaters in the hall. The Huelva English congregation has not had as many needgreaters as other English congregations such as Cadiz but instead more local friends have come to be part of the hall. This is great but it’s nice when others who have made huge sacrifices to come from another country join the hall. This is because it’s easier for us to identify with them and for us to understand what each other went through. As we learned of the sacrifices that this new family has made to be here in Spain and how Jehovah has smoothed out things for them we couldn’t help but be encouraged. We also related to their experience and it made us see again that Jehovah will do his part if we do ours when it comes to reaching out for a goal such as serving where the need is great. We look forward to getting to know this family better and to hopefully continue to experience a mutual interchange of encouragement.

As we are approaching summer we are excited about what is to come. As some of you know who read this blog regularly we have plans to attend the Special Convention in Milan, Italy. We have been working towards this goal by continuing to make changes in our life and simplifying. We can’t wait to see how Jehovah continues to smooth out the path for us as we work towards our goals. We are truly happy here in our assignment even though it has its challenges. We look to the future with confidence and hope as we continue to try to keep our balance and our priorities in line. We also are excited to share with you how things continue to unfold for us here in Spain. If you enjoyed this post go ahead and subscribe to this blog.

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Un saludo,

Your friends Antoine & Kanica

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.

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  1. Yvette T.

    ¡Me encantó leer esta entrada de blog! What a fun read, I pictured you both in Seville. I really want to go eat tapas with you guys. Very encouraging.. Muchos saludos afectuosos desde el centro de California. 🙂

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Hi Yvette, that would be awesome if you could make it out here! We would show you a good time and have a lot of fun. We’re glad that you enjoyed the post.

      Un Saludo, 🙂

  2. April S.

    Love the tapas bar story! Felt like I was there ☺️

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Awesome April, it’s quite a unique experience to say the least! ?

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