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Hi everyone! We hope your having a great memorial invitation campaign! We got off to a great start with good support as we supported the service meeting in Portugal for the start of the campaign. We enjoyed preaching in rural territory as we searched for addresses. Preaching in Portugal is so relaxing and peaceful especially because it is such an undeveloped country so there is nature everywhere. We really enjoyed getting the memorial campaign off to such a good start. We look forward to staying busy for the next few weeks and hopefully seeing many interested ones show up for the memorial itself.

Lately in this part of the world the weather has been more and more pleasant. During the week we took advantage of the warm weather to have our family worship in a different location than usual. We prepared the car by loading it up with a blanket and several cushions that we use for our outdoor patio furniture and some pillows. We drove out to Portugal to an isolated beach that we recently discovered. If you look on Google Maps the beach is the most south western point of Portugal and you can see Spain from across the water. We arrived at the beach just before sunset and we were able to park on the beach with the open hatchback facing the ocean. As we pulled up to the beach we saw a beach fox roaming around. It was not afraid of people and even came up to the fisherman seemingly curious as to what they were doing. After we parked the fox approached our car and hung around for a bit. It was a pretty cool experience. As we went over our assembly notes and talked about what we enjoyed from the program we relished the tranquil setting and being in nature. As darkness fell we could see the stars from out the window as well as the lights across the water in Spain. The experience overall was unique and it was good to get away from it all even for a few hours.

During the week we were able to share in the cart witnessing with some good results. When using the cart in Monte Gordo, Portugal a man that we recognized from a local Nepali restaurant approached. He remembered us since we had eaten at his restaurant and we exchanged greetings. He asked about our work with the cart and we explained to him what we were doing. He expressed interest in attending meetings so we told him where and when we meet. He took a meeting invitation and our phone number. He told us that he would like to come with his wife since he could use some peace of mind. We were happy that we were there that day to meet him and share the good news.

The next day we were doing the cart work in Portugal again and an older German couple approached the cart. They picked up a Family Happiness book and then sat down on the bench right next to the cart. The husband then started reading the book to his wife aloud for the next 15-20 minutes. After they left the book was in the husbands back pocket. It was great to see people interested in the literature and reading it so soon!

On Sunday we were using the cart to witness in another town in Portugal. We had already preached that morning in Spain and we were pretty tired from the long weekend but we went back out after separating from our service group and we headed back to Portugal. We set the car up in the town center and had the goal to stay out for an hour. We weren’t seeing too much action and we were about ready to call it quits and head back home to get ready for the meeting. Since I was exhausted at this point I got up to take a walk around the town square while Kanicia stayed near the cart. When I started to come back around to the cart I noticed that Kanicia was having a conversation with a woman near the cart. Not wanting to disturb them I let them continue at a distance. Here is what happened as I learned later. The woman that Kanicia was talking to was a Portuguese woman who had just been praying to know how to find the true religion! When she had finished praying she saw Kanicia and the cart in front of her. She had been standing in front of the cart looking confused when Kanicia approached her and asked if she had any questions. She told Kanicia that she was confused because she didn’t know what church to go to. She pointed to the church behind her and then told Kanicia that she was listening to some Evangelical material on her phone with her earbuds and then she pointed to the cart. She said how do I know which one is right? Kanicia said you need to study the Bible. Kanicia gave the woman an example of how the Bible helps us to identify the true religion using the example of showing love and not going to war. The woman was impressed. The woman gave Kanicia her number in order to follow up and gave her a hug! After she left we packed up the cart and headed back to Spain so happy that we decided to go out for that extra hour.  We hope that we have more experiences like this as the campaign continues.

On another note, we want to thank everyone for all of the responses to the survey that we did  a couple of days ago. It was really cool to see all of the responses and to get an idea of what you are looking for. We are working hard on our Online English Teaching Guide and we think that your really going to love it! We are incorporating your responses from the survey into the guide so that it will be sure to provide value to you. We hope to have the guide ready by this weekend.

As we get closer to the weekend we’ll share more information. Since we’ve been working on the guide for the past few months and it is packed with value at 40 pages we are only going to be releasing it for a limited time. So if you want to know when it will be available leave your information above.

Well everyone, we hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and that you have a great and wonderful week wherever you may be! Bye for now!

Your friends

Antoine & Kanicia

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.

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  1. Pamela allen

    Love these experiences ..we’re coming to Portugal from Hawaii 7/25-8/9 to check out the possibility of moving ..this was very encouraging thank you

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    Very encouraging experiences.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Your brother,
    Jeremy Della
    Madera, the heart of California

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    I needed that, thank you 🙂

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    Thanks for the telling us, it’s very encouraging!

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      … for telling us… 🙂

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