Murcia City at Night

Murcia City at Night

Well since we are still getting settled here some of the local friends have been kind enough to take us around to see some of the sites. One of these areas was the city center of Murcia in the evening for some tapas. We had been to the city center before but it was for something unrelated and was not to sight see. The city itself is very beautiful at night and there are many restaurants and places to go to. We were able to enjoy some of the local cuisine from Murcia which includes lots of veggies in tapas form. We enjoyed the time we spent in the city and saw that there is much to do if we ever have visitors! đŸ˜‰ Here are some photos that we want to share!

An Old Cathedral in the City Center
Dinner with some local friends with regional cuisine
Bull fighting Stadium
Kanicia and Lidia posing in front of the Cathedral
Outdoor dining in the city center

Antoine & Kanicia

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