My first Job in Spain!

Well as I sit writing this post I am happy to be at home resting from a long day of activity. That being said today was one of those days where it seemed like everything was just clicking! We started off the day by walking to Murcia Centro to catch the bus to another area of Murcia about 20 minutes away. The reason that we were going there was because I (Antoine) had a job interview with a local Academy for a teaching position. We knew that we were going to be in for somewhat of an adventure because this was our first time traveling by ourselves such a distance with somewhat vague directions to an area we’ve never been to in a language that we don’t speak! 🙂

Well it turns out that we were right! We were pleased with the weather today because even though it was hot it wasn’t unbearable. We ended up catching the bus after much “discussion” between the two of us about what the directions really mean. 🙂 After getting the feeling that we may have missed our stop because we didn’t know what the stop looked like in the first place, we asked the bus driver for help. He confirmed our suspicions. It turns out however that we weren’t so far after all! We were able to walk to the building where the interview was to take place and were relieved to finally be there. I went to the office suite to meet with the employer for the position. I had been told about this position from a sister who referred me because I mentioned that I was interested in teaching English or French. The interview went well and the employer offered me a position. The nice thing about the job is that the schedule is flexible so that it won’t interfere with meetings or the ministry. We feel that it is a blessing that in so short a time we have been able to move into our apartment and been able to sort out our work situation.

Getting back to the house was quite interesting. Two buses and one Tram ride later we were back in our barrio. We had just enough time for a short siesta, lunch before making our 5pm service plans with a nice pioneer couple from the hall. Service this evening was very good. We worked our return visits that we have developed. Kanicia was able to return to the Algerian woman that you may remember from previous posts with whom she left a tract in the mail box. The woman remembered Kanicia and invited her up to the apartment along with her service partner. They talked for about 20 minutes and Kanicia was able to discuss and leave the special tract about ‘seeing our dead loved ones again’. The woman was very nice and welcomed Kanicia back anytime!

I was able to call a few of the Africans that we had met in the street to try to set up a time to meet. All of them agreed to meet. I have an appointment with a man tomorrow to continue the discussion started in the street last week. The other call mentioned that he is away in another town till the middle of the month but when he returns to Murcia he would like to see me. So we look forward to meeting with these ones and cultivating their interest in spiritual things. After service we had dinner with the pioneer couple. They introduced us to a very Murciano dish called Pastel de Carne which is a pie with beef and egg and sometimes chorizo. It was quite good!

What we are learning and coming to really appreciate here is in harmony with today’s text in Matthew 6:33. If we try to put Jehovah’s will first then things will work out well for us and we will be blessed. Something that a good friend who is now serving where there is a greater need once told us is really starting to make sense (You know who you are 🙂 ). Jehovah knows what we need and he also knows what makes us happy. Even if its something small that you would like like a bowl of ice cream, or something that reminds you of home. It seems like after spending time in service or attending the meeting or something else related to spiritual things without fail we are able to receive exactly what it is that we were wanting or desiring. These things are almost always not necessary but they do make life more enjoyable! It is exciting to see how our needs and some of our wants can be filled in new and unexpected ways!

After Service Dinner with new friends!

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.