O’ hermano donde estás

We can’t believe that February is already over! Here we are in March! I’m sure that the time is flying by for you friends as well, as we all keep busy in Jehovah’s service. We are excited to be keeping busy this month with all of the special activity planned for the upcoming memorial. Our congregation is focusing on the most productive territory for the invitation work. We’ve had several sign up for auxiliary pioneer service for the month of March including practically whole families. I will be auxiliary pioneering in March and April and I look forward to working closely with the friends and inviting as many as possible to the memorial. We are hoping for milder weather as well in the coming weeks! No doubt you are having a full share in this marvelous work in your respective territory wherever you may be. As we see this system continue to deteriorate before our eyes, what a privilege we have to be involved in spreading the good news of God’s Kingdom!

On Saturday we watched our first movie in Spanish with English subtitles. We saw O’ Brother Where Art Thou (O hermano donde estas) which we got from my Academy, which has a collection of movies available for teachers and students. We enjoyed the movie even though we’ve already seen it. It was interesting watching it in Spanish, I think we learned a few new words here and there. We’re going to try to watch more movies and shows in Spanish to help us with the language. Next up on the list, The Office season 1 and the Color Purple in Spanish. Hopefully the jokes translate. 🙂

This weekend we enjoyed sharing a meal with a couple in our hall, Sam and his wife Hilary and their two children Wisdom and Alaia. They are a very sweet family from Nigeria who have been living in Bilbao for the last six or seven years. We shared a lot of laughs and learned much about the Nigerian culture and people. We gained insight into why people are flocking to Jehovah’s organization in Nigeria and other African countries. We also now want to visit the Nigeria Bethel someday as it sounds amazing. It is on a large property and is protected by high walls all around and has African animals roaming the premises. The story of how the Bethel property was obtained and how the brothers were subsequently able to receive other properties at no cost was truly a testament to Jehovah’s hands in matters. We truly enjoyed our evening with this kind and hospitable family. It was like we went on a trip to Nigeria!


Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.