One Month of Tiny Home Living!

One Month of Tiny Home Living!

Hello friends! We hope that you are doing well where ever you may be! Things have been busy for us as usual here in the south of Spain. We can’t believe that one month of living in our tiny home has already gone by! It took a lot of planning and effort for us to be able to simplify the way that we have but now we’re starting to see the benefits of this lifestyle. For those who follow our story, you might remember that we recently purchased a caravan from the UK in order to convert it into a tiny home with the goal of simplifying our lives. You can check out our blog post about it by clicking here. This blog post is to update you on how life has been like living in our new tiny home after about one month. So let’s get started!


First I can share with you what updates we’ve done to the caravan. One of our goals is to make the tiny home feel cozy and unique to our own style and taste. In our previous apartment, we were limited to what we could do because we were only renting. One way that we are trying to make the tiny home unique is by painting different inside. So far we’ve painted the cabinets a deep blue and the cupboards above the kitchen and the closet a soft white color. This really makes the space feel more modern and interesting. Another thing that has been painted black is the stovetop, oven, and sink. This also changes the look and feel into something that we like better. Another major upgrade that we’ve done has been to take out the carpet and replace it with nice hardwood floors. This really changes the surroundings and gives it a major upgrade! We’ve also added a few small plants here and there to make it feel warmer and inviting.


One other thing that we’ve been able to set up is the outside bathroom. The caravan had the bathroom removed from the previous owners to make more space. So we’ve set up an area near the caravan with an outdoor structure and a sink, toilet and shower area. The sink is designed for off the grid use and has a reservoir that holds around 30L of water which comes out of the faucet through a simple foot pump. The toilet is a custom composting toilet that we ordered from the United States. We have also ordered a special setup that provides pressurized hot water for showers that will go in the bathroom. So far we’re happy with how everything is going together. Let me try to answer some common questions that we get about our tiny home.


How do we get power/electricity? Our caravan has a battery which is powered by two solar panels on the roof. So all our electricity comes from the sun which we use to power our phones, laptops and other small appliances. 

How do you cook and keep food cold? We have an oven, grill and four top stove in the home which runs off of propane gas. We also have a small fridge which can run off of the battery or propane gas. We choose to run it off of gas. The fridge also has a small freezer.

Do you have internet? Yes, we do. We use a small router that can fit in the palm of your hand. It is charged via USB and can be not plugged in for up to six hours. From this router, we can connect all our devices.

Do you have any neighbors? We have one or two neighbors near our land but we can’t see them or hear them because of the distance from us to them. The area we live in is a rural area so any houses here are rural houses located on several acres of property.

How do you wash your clothes?  We use the laundromat for washing and drying in town.


So hopefully this gives you a better idea of what life is like in a tiny home. The main reason that we choose to make this move was to simplify and be able to support spiritual interests more fully. We’ve found that we now have more time to spend in the ministry and with each other. It’s also nice to be surrounded by peaceful nature with no noisy neighbors or other distractions. We’re also under five minutes from the kingdom hall which is really practical. We know that this type of living situation is not for everyone but we are happy to be able to try it and see if it’s something for us. Our plans for the future include planting fruits, vegetables, and plants as well as constructing a deck and getting an awning. We hope that you found this post encouraging and that it gives you a better glimpse of what it’s like to live in a tiny home!

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Your friends,
Antoine & Kanicia

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.

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  1. Rosa

    Hello, Thanks for sharing your experience about living in a tiny house!
    I wonder, can your “You can teach English online” course be adapted to teaching any other language? or is it specific to English language only? I’m considering teaching French online.

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Hi Rosa, we’re glad you enjoyed our description of tiny house living!

      The YCTEO course is specifically designed with English in mind. That being said many of the things related to teaching online can be adapted to any language. But when it comes to specific companies, and the YCTEO App, etc. these are all designed with English in mind.

      You can find more info about teaching in French at this link.


  2. yvette t

    You’ve just cemented my goal for a tiny home in the future! I’ve always loved them, and they’re great for a simplified lifestyle. 🙂

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