Preaching in Spanish

Well this weekend was really enjoyable for a few different reasons. One reason was because we were able to work out in service with the Spanish congregation and help with their special campaign. Conveniently, most of the Spanish congregations service meetings are located in our neighborhood within walking distance. On Thursday I worked with a longtime elder who is part of the Spanish hall. He only speaks Spanish so it was a nice opportunity to practice. Here in Spain and I think most countries in Europe it seems as if you work in two’s for the majority of the time spent out in service if not all of it. This is nice because it allows you to really get to know the one that you are working with.  As I spent the morning working with this particular elder from the Spanish congregation I was really able to see why he is so beloved in the congregation. He is actually the elder who provided his vehicle and drove to pick us up from the bus station when we first arrived in Murcia.

Here is how our morning in the ministry started. As we parked in the territory and got out of the car we noticed a man inspecting his shoe that he had removed nearby our car. We approached the man and the elder asked him if we could help. The man who was elderly handed the elder his shoe and we saw that he had stepped in a piece of glass which was now stuck in the sole of his shoe. After seeing this the elder rushed back to his car and came back with a tool to remove the piece of glass from the shoe. Afterwords the elder bent down and physically helped the man put the shoe on his foot. As the man went to tie his shoe the elder motioned for me to help him, so I tied his shoe for him. All of this happened while the man no doubt observed in disbelief as to why these people who do not know him would go to such lengths to show kindness. It was only after all of this that the elder then offered the man the special tract for November and told him about the hope for our dead loved ones. How could the man refuse? I was really touched by the personal interest that the elder showed to this man in the territory!

Kanicia Preaching with Special Pioneer Mercedes

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.