Report from the Field #2

This has been a pretty busy week in the ministry for me, which is great. Here are a couple experiences:

Wednesday I had plans to work with the special pioneer sister and visit a woman she hoped to start a study with. Well earlier in the afternoon I had went with Antoine to figure out his route to work, so I was not going to make it back for the group for service on time. So I just met her by the woman’s home around 5:30pm. The sister was so sure she was going to be there she was dropped off and was quite disappointed when there was no one home.
We waited a bit and then she called the lady, who was busy doing some business. She said she would call later if she was going to make it home.
She actually called back around 8 and said we could come by. We were about to finish for the evening, but decided to go for a little visit anyway.
The sister was able to start the study in the Bible Teach book and it was great to see all her experience at work! She was very conversational, even though we read the paragraphs, she didn’t ask the questions. She just covered the material in a conversational way. For example in the first chapter, it talks about asking questions and how adults stop asking because of embarrassment or thinking its religious leaders who should be asking questions. The sister asked what questions the woman had, but hadn’t gotten answers to. One she mentioned was if Jesus was born December 25. One reasoning the sister used, I hadn’t thought if before. She asked how old Jesus was when he died. She said “33”
“Actually he was 33 1/2….So when did he die?”
“Around Easter, March/April”
“Right, so lets count from December six months, we arrive at June. We know he did not die in June. Lets count six months from when he died, we arrive at Sep/Oct”
The woman’s face was amazed, and we began to talk about what people are really focused on during that holiday…not Jesus.
She was really happy to get that question answered and next time they will talk about why God permits suffering.

Thursday we made plans to work with a family in the English congregation. It was a nice break to be able to just express myself easily and not think too much 😉 I went on a study the sister has with a woman from Nigeria. She has been studying for some time and was taking steps toward baptism, however a month ago a “friend” gave her apostate literature and she has been struggling ever since. It was clear she was not wanting to be there and that she was continuing to read and watch this material. At the end after the woman left, the sister was utterly frustrated and angry at what has happened and very emotional. I just tried be encouraging.

It’s interesting that I’ve noticed people in this part of the world can be quick to believe what they see or hear to be true, without checking to see from whom the information is coming from. This study was convinced based on a YouTube video. Another woman had “just heard” some story that had been twisted from a friend. It’s just another challenge of the territory here.
As we know Jehovah draws those whom he wants and his spirit and Word can overturn even “strongly entrenched” thinking, we just have to make it available, he will do the hard part for us:)

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.