Report from the Field

So I wanted to share a nice experience I had in the ministry last night. We had three sisters in our group and one had a study, so all three of us went to the study. The study was with a Senegalese woman and the house was full of people. The atmosphere was a bit rowdy, there were two young children getting fed, the tv was blaring, there were three other men from the family talking and then one of the sisters was trying to conduct the study. Well, I really couldn’t hear what was going on with the study with so many distractions. Then I noticed one of the men had sat down at the table and started reading one of the publications the sister had given to the woman. I thought to myself ‘oh that’s cool’. Then a few minutes later the man gets a pen and starts underlining information in the magazine and he seems in deep thought, nodding every now and again.
(I was obviously distracted and not any help on this study lol)

Anyway, the woman takes a break to put one of the girls to sleep and the man says “I have a question. What makes Jehovah’s Witnesses different from other Christians ?”

Well one of the sisters starts to answer but gets distracted by the kids so I ended up answering him. Since he was Muslim I focused on points like, we only believe in one true God, we use God’s name, we don’t use idols, we follow God’s Word and not man’s traditions. He listened intently. After sharing some scriptures, like Mt 7:21-23, he seemed to accept the answer.

Then he said “So why do JW’s name God, Jehovah ?”
“Well it’s not from us it’s in the Holy Scriptures”, we read Ps 83:18 and Is 42:8. He took out his phone, put it into flashlight mode, and read and reread the verses several times. It was one of those moments where you saw it was his first time seeing God’s name and something clicked. There was a long pause and he nodded and said “Ok, but how does this help me if I’m in poverty, I can’t work or feed my family; I need to find work and don’t have time to be a Jehovah’s Witness?”

Interesting question and it’s a common one here, basically how can the Bible help me now. Well we discussed the importance of knowing why God permits suffering, what he will do about it and then using bible principles that can help us deal with the problems we face. He agreed to have us come back to show him the answers to these questions.

When we were leaving he says, “What’s your name again?” I tell him. “Oh, well it’s very English …but you do speak French well but… it does sound American but …I speak French perfect so I understand you so …I guess I can say, when you come back our home is your home” 😉 We’ll see how this develops!

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.