So….how’s the ministry?

So you may be wondering: how’s the ministry going there in Bilbao?? Well despite the rain and my own feelings (which btw have been adjusted greatly thanks to wtlib;) ) service has been nice. The friends here are really fun to work with and very hospitable. Here’s an example:

Every Tuesday we meet for service at the Izquerda’s home. This sister is hospitality! Not only does she open her home each week, but she makes a big lunch for everyone who went out- every week! This is not just sandwiches folks! No I’m talking about courses people lol! So yeah, I go out every Tuesday lol 😉

So now to service:
Today I had a great experience! I was given a few referrals to follow up on last week. One of the ladies I called responded and asked me to call her back Friday. Well I did callback that Friday evening…I had forgotten earlier in the day. Well, when I called she said “I’ve been waiting on you to call all day”! Wow! I thought to myself this lady is serious 🙂 So we made arrangements for Monday morning.

Well Monday I called her to verify and ask exactly what neighborhood she was in because I couldn’t find her address. After a bit of back and forth, we realized she didn’t live in Bilbao! She was about an hour away! Well, I thought I’ve been praying for a study, make the effort. So I arranged to go today.

At lunch when I told everyone where I was going, everyone tried to get me to cancel, go another time, or to give her to someone who lives closer. I was determined and after seeing that I was going with someone or by myself, I got a volunteer:) The new couples school graduate said she would come with me. I was actually happy to have someone to go with, even though we’ve both been here the same amount of time- at least I wouldn’t get lost alone;)

An hour later we were in her village and after finding her place, she wasn’t there! She didn’t answer her phone either! We decided to stick around and do some sightseeing streetwork;) About an hour later, we went back and she still wasn’t home! I thought ‘oh man, the friends were right!’ I decided to call once more. She answered, in fact she was walking right towards us. ‘Yes!’ I thought.

So she invites us in and after a short chat, I show her the Why Study the Bible video from the website (jw.org). I just ask her if she would like to study and she says yes! Cool! She asks “are you sure you can come this far?”
“If you’re regular and we have a set time each week.. I’ll be happy to!”
So now I have a study every Tuesday at 11:30! (Just in time to make it back for lunch ;-D)

Setting up for lunch
Setting up for lunch

Time to eat!
Time to eat!

servicebilbao 003

Service in Durango
Service in Durango
servicebilbao 010
Do you notice the snow??

servicebilbao 013

servicebilbao 004

Natalia just moved here too from Barcelona- CCS grad
Natalia just moved here too from Barcelona- CCS grad

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.