Spain?!? I thought you were in French!

So this is the reaction we often get when we say we’re moving to Spain. Are you still in French??Yes, we’re still in French. So why Spain, you say? Well I’m happy to fill you in 🙂 A little background though…briefly…

Moving to serve out of the country has always been a distant, long-term goal for both of us, you know something that would be great to do if ever we could. We both were able to spend time in other countries and those experiences built a desire to one day do something similar but for a longer period of time. Fast forward many years…and we are both serving in French. We’ve both been serving in the French now for about ten years…hard to believe. So even though French is a foreign language congregation…it just feels like HOME:) We love it and we’re comfortable here…you know how you feel when you grow up in a hall…that’s how it feels, which is well great. It also is what made us start thinking…are we getting too comfortable? Maybe so. We also went through some experiences in the last year for which we really wanted to show Jehovah our appreciation for his aid…what can you give Jehovah right? Time, energy.. Well we looked at our circumstances and saw we could do more. Thus began this journey to where we are now.

So where did Spain come in the picture? Some friends we know are serving in Portugal and put the bug in our ear about a french group there. We investigated, asked questions from many, and evaluated what we could realistically do. We talked to our brothers and decided to write the branch in Portugal but we thought we should maybe have a second or third choice. We could only come up with Spain. Really it was only because I’d talked to some sisters who served there a few years back and they said there were a lot of French there…and it was in Europe. So we wrote to Spain too. We just chose the place that needed the most help from the responses we received. That’s the short story;)

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.