Spanish C.O. Visit

Well Tuesday night we had the beginning of the Circuit Overseer visit for our Spanish congregation that we are a part of. As a result of this the French group will not have any meetings this week nor will they have any service meetings. Next week is the Spanish assembly for the congregation so the French group will not have any meetings that week either. So we will not have any meetings for our group until the 21st of December! But thankfully we can attend the Spanish meetings and benefit from the C.O. visit. This is the first time the C.O. is is visiting Murcia East. He is actually a new C.O. Before him the congregation had brother Margalef and his wife which was just as recent as September. Now brother Margalef is part of our French group as a special pioneer along with his wife. It was interesting to see the new C.O. on the platform and the former C.O. couple sitting in their seats. There are definatley a lot of wonderful servants of Jehovah in the hall with many years of experience.

Something else interesting happened last night. Mercedes the former C.O.’s wife who is now part of our group gave her first part in over 30 years. How was this possible? Well the couple had been in the traveling work for over 3 decades in various countries and she never had to give a part in all that time. We rode to the meeting with them and it was humbling hearing her thoughts about her part. She was actually VERY nervous about her part! Here is a former C.O.’s wife and now a special pioneer who was super nervous about giving her part on the school. You would think that she could be like, well I have all of this experience and I will have no problem giving a 5 minute part. But instead she was very humble and treated every assignment as a privilege from Jehovah. What a great example for us!

Oh btw, we heard the news about the Mill Valley French congregation splitting in January this morning when we got up! How exciting! We are so happy to see the growth and Jehovah’s blessing on the work. We’re happy as well to have been a part of the activity in MV for many years and it is wonderful to hear about the fruits of the congregations labor! We heard from some in the hall and we know that it is bittersweet for various reasons but we are sure that it will be the best for those who still need to come to know Jehovah and now they will be able to attend a KH near where they live in the language of their heart!

Mercedes (on the right) giving her first part in over 30 years!

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.