Summer Preparations

Summer Preparations

Welcome to the second blog post for the month of June! Hopefully with this new format we’ll be able to share more things that we find encouraging related to our experience serving abroad. We got a lot of great feedback on past videos that we made such as the one in Granada or of our apartment. Because of this and some encouragement from friends to produce more videos we are going to do just that. So starting with this post and hopefully more to come you will see more videos on the blog.

We recently had the opportunity to visit the migrant worker camps near Huelva. Even though the living conditions are not good in these camps it is always encouraging to find and speak to humble individuals living there. One of the local brothers was kind enough to invite us along with him to do some studies in the camp. Below you can see a little bit of what the camps looks like.

One of the wonderful privileges that we’ve had recently has been to be able to share in the cart work in an organized way in Tavira, Portugal. We have a shift every Saturday from 11:00 until 14:00. Tavira is a very pleasant place to spend time in as well as to preach. There are always many tourists and English speakers around who get a good look at the cart and even take literature. Recently we had a nice man from Vienna, Austria on vacation take a Bible teach book in German. Below are a few videos that give you a little idea of what it is like to do the cart work in Tavira.



The other day after running some errands I came home to find a baby bird lying on the floor. It wasn’t moving very much and it looked like it hurt its wing. So I took it in the house to see if I could feed it and help it get better. The videos below show how that turned out.


Even though I only knew this bird for a few minutes it’s amazing how attached you can get to something in that short time. As my wife pointed out he kept closing his eyes so it looked like he wasn’t going to make it. We took him outside and put him in a place away from people as we let nature take its course. Poor bird, you will be remembered.

The other day we went out for a walk and we discovered a new restaurant called Lima Limon. It is within walking distance of our house and is located in La Redondela where we live. We couldn’t believe the place when we walked in. Usually the restaurants, cafes and bars here have a heavy Spanish flair which is fine but sometimes you want something that reminds you of home. This place looks like it could be straight out of Oakland or San Francisco. It has a hip trendy vibe and nice open spaces and they serve great drinks and food. They also have an outdoor patio that is shaded when you want to get some fresh air. We’re so happy to have discovered it. If you come visit us we’ll take you there. Here’s a little video to show what it looks like.

Recently the weather has been amazing here in Spain. We took some time to get some work done at one of our favorite outdoor patios overlooking a beautiful golf course in Islantilla. Here’s a brief video showing that.

The first two weeks of this month have been quite busy for us as we prepare for July and August. For those who don’t know we will be leaving our apartment at the end of June. We are doing this to simplify and to hopefully allow us to get back into the full-time service come the new service year. It’s strange because I was talking to a friend the other day on the phone about our move and he was surprised that we weren’t really stressed or worried. It’s funny, you know when you think about leaving your apartment and venturing into unknown territory. You would think that it could be concerning but things seem to be going rather smoothly even though we don’t always know what’s around the corner. We plan to move to the Portugal side of the territory once we return from our vacation in September.

Some of you know that we recently bought a Renault Kangoo in order to convert it to a campervan and that’s coming along nicely. We have already bought a stove, cooler, interior light setup and some other things for it. Next week we travel to Madrid in order to get the bed and table installed in the Kangoo. We’re really looking forward to that. We’ll also take advantage of the opportunity to visit Spain Bethel and see old friends who are currently serving there. Should be fun!

For July we will be staying in Portugal near Lisbon for a few weeks until we leave for Italy for the Special convention. Things are coming together really nicely with regards to our plans for after the convention as well as we tour the Balkan countries. We have some really cool surprises in store for you all here.

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