Summer Special Conventions 2017

Summer Special Conventions 2017

Hi friends, we hope you’ve had a great weekend. Here in southern Spain we’ve had a pretty normal week. The weather has been really good and we’ve been trying to take advantage of it by spending time outside and even going to the beach. As far as secular work goes, we’re finishing out our 2016 schedule before we transition to our new hours in January. We’ve been doing a lot of substitution and takeover classes lately since many language trainers are taking holiday. We’re happy to be making the switch in our schedule as we will be able to have more time for other things.


This post will be shorter than most as things have been quite busy with last minute preparations for the C.O. visit during the first week of January. We’re really looking forward to having the visit since it will be a new CO for the congregation. In addition to that the CO was one of our instructors in Pioneer School last year in Madrid. So it will be great to catch up with him and his wife. We have a lot changes coming up in the new year for us as a couple which we’ll share more with you as time goes on. We’re really excited about it because it feels like we are getting back to how things were when we first came to Spain and were living in Murcia. What we mean by that is when we were in Murcia life was so simple and we were able to focus the bulk of our time on spiritual pursuits with minimal distractions or outside stress. Now that our first year of serving in the Huelva English congregation is almost behind us we feel like we are finally getting into a position to help in the way that we want to as well as have our lives as simple as we want them to be. We know that this isn’t something that’s possible because of anything that we could do on our own but instead it’s a result of working towards our goals along with Jehovah’s spirit.


 Around November or so our congregation received a letter inviting it to a summer special convention in 2017. We soon learned as time passed that Kanicia’s mom and sister who are serving in Marseille, France were also invited to the same special convention. Because of some requirements by the Spain branch for our congregation in addition to wanting to attend the convention as a family we decided to apply to the convention through the France branch as part of a group with our family serving in Marseille. After some back and forth between the two branches in Spain and France and communication with both secretaries of the congregations we received word that we were invited to be delegates as well as our family serving in France. This will be Kanicia’s sisters first special convention but the rest of us have attended one before. So where are we going you might ask? Well, the special convention will be in Milan, Italy in July of 2017. We’re super excited since we know how special these conventions are due to the experience of being with the international brotherhood. If you haven’t read about our time at the special convention in Malta in 2015 you can read about it here. Some of the other countries that have been invited to Milan are Albania, Argentina, Croatia, France, Switzerland and the US. We have already begun planning for the summer convention and sorting out our itinerary. We look forward to sharing our experience with you next year. We’re planning to spend some additional time in Italy around the convention. Do you have any recommendations on where to visit and what to see? Will you be in Italy during the summer and would like to meet up? Leave a comment below or send us an email at [email protected]. OK, well that’s all for now. Have a great week!


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Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.

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  1. Davida

    Congrats! We applied to Toronto and Mom and Dad applied to Milan, but it looks like we were not accepted cause we haven’t heard back from Bethel.

    Have fun and say hi to everyone..

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Hi Davida, we saw Toronto on the list of convention sites. That would be a nice destination. You never know, you may still hear back. We heard back rather quickly but Kamila and Kabina took longer to hear back.

  2. Rosa

    Very happy you can make it to Milano! Our congregation was invited too but I couldn’t apply due to health issues. They really insist on you being able to stand up and walk for long hours… It’s a pity because I live close to the Italian border here in France. Anyway, how kind of brothers to allow invited congregations chose some one from another congregation to apply and join as delegates! Being among our worldwide family is best place to be.
    You must go and visit Firenze. It’s like an open Museum and History at every corner. And I highly recommend Venise too. They say the city is dirty and crowded. It might be true but you’ll never see something like it in the world. First time I arrived Piazzale Roma, the bus and trains terminal, I thought “wow!”. It’s just like being in a movie set or being a timetraveller.

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Hi Rosa. That is a great provision of being able to invite other potential delegates. Thanks for the tips! We thought about visiting Venice because it’s not too far from Milan. We heard that it is quite touristy and crowded but we want to at least see it anyway even if only for a short time. We haven’t thought of Firenze but we’ll look into that.

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