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Teach English With TutorABC


We want to tell you about an interesting position working for a well known English language school. You will be able to teach English from your home and you don’t have to meet too many requirements.


The job is an online English teaching position with a company called TutorABC based in Taiwan. When you work for this company you will be teaching students from your home computer. This company is well known and opinions about it can be mixed. Kanicia worked for this company while living in the US in preparation for our move to Spain. It was a good way for her to adapt to online teaching and understand what is required.



One of the main advantages of working with TutorABC is that you don’t need a TESOL Certificate to start. Their policy is that you don’t need a certificate to begin teaching with them but you must be willing to obtain one during the probationary period. This period lasts for one year, I believe, after you are hired with them.


Another advantage is that you don’t need to be a native English speaker to work with them. They only ask that you pass an English proficiency test and that you are enthusiastic and professional and able to explain things slowly to make sure that students understand what you are teaching them.


Something else that is good about this company is that the hiring process is quite straight-forward and simple. If you qualify then you shouldn’t have a problem getting hired. Also since they operate 24/7 there generally shouldn’t be any difficulty in obtaining the amount of hours that you want to work. In fact, they guarantee that you will be able to work 70 session hours per month.


Another plus with TutorABC is that they provide you with lesson plans for each class. They are generally quite easy and usually revolve around conversation practice. This cuts down on your preparation time and allows you to have more freedom.



Let me mention some disadvantages with working with TutorABC. First, since your students will be based in Taiwan there could possibly be a considerable time difference. When Kanicia lived in California there was a fifteen hour time difference with her students. This meant that sometimes she would be working late into the night until midnight or one o’clock. This is definitely not ideal but we were willing to make the sacrifice because we knew it would help us in the long run. Maybe the time difference won’t be such an issue for you but it’s something to consider. Something else to consider regarding the schedule is that even though it is advertised as flexible you would need to be available during the peak teaching hours for at least ten to fifteen hours per week. This is determined by the company and these hours may or may not coincide with your personal schedule.


Another disadvantage is the payment setup. Taiwanese taxes are taken out before you receive your salary and since you are being paid in USD it needs to be converted into your currency. This could result in some fluctuations because of market changes. This is something to keep in mind that could affect your take home earnings.


Another negative, or depending on how you view it could be a positive, is that you generally don’t have the same students over time. So basically you would teach one student and then you may never teach them again. This could be good if the student is challenging but on the other hand it doesn’t give you the opportunity to go deeper into the material and to build rapport.



There is a base rate that is paid for teachers which $7-$8 per class. There is also the opportunity to receive bonuses for positive student feedback. It is not required for the students to leave feedback so this is not always guaranteed. While the base rate offered is not very high it could be sufficient if you live in an area with a lower cost of living or if you are in a position to work more hours in order to meet your needs. Payments are made monthly through bank wire transfers.



While TutorABC may not be for everyone it could be a perfect fit for you and your situation. What we like about it is that it is easy to get started and they don’t require too much of you. Even if you are a non-native English speaker you can still work for them if you have a decent enough level of English. It would be better if the starting pay was higher since that would make it a better fit for those living in more expensive areas. We personally have worked with them as well as know and have met many needgreaters who have experience with TutorABC.


For more information on TutorABC or to apply you can visit their website here.



We hope that you enjoyed this article and that it helps you to start thinking of different ways to support yourself whether you are pioneering, serving where the need is great or you just want more flexibility and freedom. As always we appreciate your comments below or you can email us at [email protected]

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.

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  1. I worked for them for a year. There is always work. I usually managed to make $800 a month working about 23 hours a week. If I were living in a low cost country this could have definitely been more than enough money to care for expenses, leaving me with a surplus. TutorABC was pretty flexible as far as time off is concerned. Assemblies, vacations, etc were never a problem. The time difference and the required peak hours did pose a problem at the beginning but I was able to find my way around it to work mostly during normal hours for California.

    TutorABC has changed its consultant contracts sometime this year. I started at $8.50 in 2014 but they are now starting new consultants at $7.50. I was on the old contract but according to my discussion with them, the new contracts offer a better way to calculate bonuses. They no longer average the bonuses; they add each individual bonus from each client to your pay. They say that this way creates the possibility to make more money than before, like up to $20. (I am skeptical about that.) I was also told that the schedule is more flexible now. They do not require consultants to work peak hours. And the plus is that they no longer take out taxes. However, if there is a no show or if the client does not leave feedback the consultant will only make $7.50 for that hour so the pay averages out.

    Before I saw your post about Learnship I sent them an email asking about their new contract after I read about it on a forum. They offered to have a meeting with me about it after sending me a detailed email but I was hesitant to take a lower base rate since I felt that I shouldn’t have to because I had been with them for over a year and my rating was high. I wasn’t asking for a raise I just wanted to stay at $8.50 with no taxes but I don’t think that was possible.

    I think it’s a good place to start. I have no regrets but it was never my intention to stay with them. I was skeptical at first but I saw that it was steady work and they always pay on time. I knew others living in Latin America that worked well with TutorABC. If I ever have to, I would go back them.

  2. Hi Candace,

    Thanks for providing that additional background with the current information on the pay structure and hiring practices. It’s good to hear that overall it seemed like you were satisfied with TutorABC and that it could provide enough income while living in a low cost country such as Latin America. I’m sure your comment will be helpful to many people starting out.

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