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The presale for the Updated Online English Teaching Guide is now open for a limited time! Click the link to find out how to get your copy at the original lower price before the price goes up once the updated guide is released. We’re really excited to be able to release the new and updated version of the guide to you. We’ve added several new companies as well as a section on TESOL certificates and healthcare abroad.




What if you could move to a new country and serve where there was a greater need and you didn’t have to worry about the number one issue that needgreaters deal with. Money. Instead you would be able to support yourself from the comfort of your own home working part-time in order to spend the rest of the day doing the things that you really want to do. Is this really possible? Yes, hundreds of needgreaters around the world are doing it as you read this. They live exciting lives discovering new cultures and enjoying the adventures that come with living in another country.


Well maybe you’re thinking that you don’t want to move to another country. Instead you want to keep serving where you live but you want to expand your ministry by finding flexible part-time work. This is also possible. You could be supporting yourself from home even if you live in a more expensive country. This will give you the freedom to use your time better and to spend it how you want.


Maybe you’re already working from home teaching English online but you’re not happy with the company that you work for. Maybe the pay is not great and the schedule is inflexible. Is there anything that you can do? Yes, absolutely! There are hundreds of teaching companies out there but there are only a few good ones worth your time. The key is to locate the gems and to avoid the rest. Once you make the switch and start working with a company that pays and treats you right you won’t regret it.


Or maybe you got your teaching certificate many months or even years ago from a program like CIE and you haven’t done anything with it since. Every time you start thinking about looking for a teaching job you get overwhelmed and just put it off for another day. Well the information that we have prepared will help give you the motivation and the direction to finally get that teaching job that you worked so hard to prepare for!


Why should you listen to us anyways? We’ve been successfully teaching English in our home country and abroad for over three years. We have worked for several online companies as well as physical schools. We now work exclusively online because it has so many advantages. We know which companies are worth your time and which ones you should avoid like the plague! Over years of research and talking to other teachers as well as our own experiences we’ve gotten a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t.
Let’s briefly discuss some reasons why you might think that teaching English online won’t work for you.


Reason #1. What if I won’t be able to make enough money?

We can’t tell you how many times when we tell people what we do they ask us if we are really able to survive doing that. We live in Western Europe and we have been able to support ourselves just fine for the last several years teaching online working part-time.


Reason #2. What if the schedule doesn’t allow me any freedom?

It is normal to be concerned about your work schedule. After all, a flexible schedule is why your looking into teaching online in the first place. In our experience and the experience of many others, if you work for the right companies you’ll have great flexibility in your schedule. This often means that you’ll be able to set your own hours as long as you are available for a minimum amount of time usually 10-15 hours per week. Many of the better companies will match you with students that are in your time zone because this works out better for everyone. This means no working really late at night or very early in the morning.


Reason #3. What if I don’t have a college degree or a teaching certificate?

While it’s true that many companies want you to have some sort of college degree as well as a teaching certificate there are other good companies that don’t require these things. You can start teaching without having a certificate or a college degree. The key is to know which companies don’t require these things and to make sure that they are going to treat you right. That’s what we can help you do.


You’re going to learn the top things that you should be looking for in your next English teaching company. When looking at companies to work for you want to know how the experience of other teachers was when working for these companies. Some companies treat their workers great while others treat them like they are just another number.


Another huge factor is the pay that the company will offer you. This usually varies depending on experience and where the company is located. Some regions typically pay better than others. You’ll want to know how the pay breaks down for each class length as well as if you are eligible for raises and whether taxes are taken out or not.


Something else that you’ll want to consider are the contract terms. This will determine whether you’ll be considered self-employed or whether the company takes you on board and covers your healthcare, taxes, etc. This could have a big impact on paperwork and how much take home pay you receive depending on where you live.


Something else to consider is the platform that the company uses. Is it a custom-built platform or do they use a program like Skype? This will help you to see how much the company invests in their teaching. Another often overlooked point has to do with lesson plans. Does the company provide all of the materials and a resource library or do they expect you to produce lesson plans and supply everything. This will drastically impact your time spent preparing for classes either for good or for bad.


Another point that you will want to know is whether or not the company requires a teaching certificate such as TESOL or TEFL. This will help you know what to expect during the hiring process. This may seem like a lot to consider but with help from others who have already done it, it is possible.


Remember that teaching online can offer you the freedom to live anywhere and work part-time so that you can spend your days doing things that matter. It is possible to make enough money to support yourself and to have a flexible schedule even without a college education.


You’ll learn the information you need to know so that you can start working towards your goals and start teaching English online without any of the obstacles that others run into. You’ll find out how to get the information that we wished was available when we started because it would have saved us a lot of time, money and frustration.


We have something exciting to share with you! If you’re ready to learn what you need to know in order to work for the best online teaching companies then you’ll be pleased to know that we are releasing our Ten Best English Teaching Online Companies 2017 Guide. How will this guide benefit you? Watch the two minute and sixteen second video  below and then continue reading the rest of the article.

First of all this guide is written by two people who have already made all the mistakes trying to figure it out. My wife and I have worked for many companies and we know which direction you should go. We have also talked to many others and researched company after company in order to filter out the ones not worth considering. That leaves only the winners. If we had this information when we started our journey moving to Spain to serve where the need is great we would have been so grateful! It would have saved us a lot of wasted time, resources and energy.


What will you learn in this guide? First of all you’ll find out the top ten companies that we recommend working for as an online English teacher in 2017. But where the guide really excels is in providing specific actionable information. Here are some examples of what you will learn.


For each company you will learn their pros and cons based on either our own experience or others who have actually worked for these companies. This will help you get a clear picture of whether or not the company is a good fit for you personally. You will also learn how to apply to the company. This includes specific webpages, email address and directions on what to send and do so that you are not left in the dark.


Based on a survey that we recently did with our blog readers the number one thing that people wanted to know was how much will you get paid. We have gone into detail for each company telling you what you can expect to be paid per class taught. This will help you to realistically determine whether you want to move forward with a company based on your future budget.


You will also learn what type of contract each company will offer if any. You’ll also learn about the platform that the company uses and how this affects you. We know that not everyone will be teaching English which is why we have included all of the languages that teachers can teach for each company. We have also included the hiring requirements for each company so that you can know exactly what is needed in order to be considered for a position.


One thing that takes a lot of time when teaching is preparing lesson plans. You’ll learn what the lesson plans are based on and if you have to prepare them yourself or if the company has done that in advance. Next you will learn whether or not you need a teaching certificate to work for the company. There are companies that have made this list that do not require a teaching certificate.


Finally you will learn about the technical requirements for each company such as computer setup and audio and visual equipment. For each company listed you will have access to their website where you can get a feel for them before applying. The guide is  a 40 page long ebook and is crammed with only the best information about each company as well as some personal insights that we’ve gleaned over the years about teaching online that you won’t find on our blog. We have also compiled a comprehensive FAQ section based on the questions that you want answered from a survey of our blog readers.


We’re really excited to release this guide to you because we know that it will help you to start working online and to continue working towards your goals! We have already helped several people start working as online English teachers with just the information on our blog but we know that this guide will take it to the next level.


Guide access is CLOSED for the moment while we make updates for a new version. 


Fill in your information and we’ll let you know when we’ll be making it available again for purchase. Be on the lookout for an email which will let you know when the guide will be available again so that you can get a copy at a limited special price!








Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.

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