Two New Bible Studies Started Today!

Today was an excellent morning in service. Kanicia and I visited one of my calls last night and we ended up meeting someone new who lives at the same house as my call. His name is Jean and he is from Mali. He believes that Christians and Muslims are equal and he believes that the two groups should respect one another. He is a very nice and sincere person. He invited us to come back this morning at 11am to chat. This morning we headed out in the soft drizzle by foot and walked to the call which is located around 15-20 minutes away. We were greeted by Jean and another man named Samba who was living in France but came back to Spain to renew some paperwork. After some small talk we explained to the two men our purpose in visiting them. We told them of our volunteer work and that we want to help people learn about God and build their faith. We demonstrated the study arrangement in the Good News brochure with the men and also showed them how to find Bible texts. The men listened very politely and asked occasional questions here and there.

We were able to explain to the men why it is important to take time to learn about God and to build our faith. The two men really appreciated what they were hearing. I then read Revelation 21:3,4 and explained to them that in the near future this is a promise that God will accomplish. They liked the sound of that. Even though Jean claims to be Muslim he does not like when other Muslims are dogmatic or disrespectful to other Christians just because they have a different faith. His open attitude allowed us to lay a solid basis for building Bible truths. After this, Samba asked us to help him find the answer to question 5, ‘What is God’s purpose for the earth?’ in the brochure. We took this as an opportunity to start the study with the two men. We went over the first two paragraphs underneath the first sub question in chapter 5 and read the verses cited. The men appeared to really like what they were learning and I could see that it was being understood. Every so often Jean or Samba would stop us to tell us that they appreciate what they learned and that it moves their heart! We couldn’t have been happier to hear such words! After considering these two paragraphs Samba asked us if we have a place where we meet regularly. We told him about our meeting arrangements and invited him to come. He told us that he would like to. We made arrangements for next Saturday at 11am to consider more of the brochure. What a blessing this experience was! We are seeing that the territory here is very ripe and that there is much interest to cultivate! In a little over a month of being in Murcia I have 3 studies and many potential more!

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.