Un Jour de Fêtes

So after reading Antoine’s post…what can I say? …It’s definitely been a fun, unforgettable experience!

Anyways today has been a day of spiritual feasting and literal feasting:) we had the annual pioneer meeting with the elders this morning. It was very encouraging! It was just what I needed! It took some effort to go because it was pouring rain and I had been up battling a migraine. As these last couple of weeks had been filled with some challenging situations; I really needed the encouragement.
I don’t quite know the theme as it was in Spanish, but it was basically about imitating the faith of the faithful and discreet slave. How? By adapting to changing circumstances. “The scene of this world is changing” We need to be flexible. We talked about adapting to changes in the territory, by improving our teaching skills and going out when people are most likely to be home. We also talked about caring for those who speak a foreign language and public witnessing. Alot of reminders to continue keeping ourselves strong and up to date with changes in understanding by daily bible reading and in depth personal study and not being sentimental about using “tools” i.e. mags, brochures etc…We also talked about continuing to keep pace with the organization by using technology wisely. I was very happy because I understood about 80% of the meeting:)!

Afterwards the brothers presented us with cards and a gift, thanking us for our hard work! (Aww) I now have a warm fluffy scarf:) The pioneers gave the brothers thank you cards and a gift as well. It was all very nice!

A few hours later we all met back at someone’s house for a pioneer/elders lunch, I still don’t know whose house it was. There was a long table for thirty people all set up with tapas typical of Murcia, olives, pizzas, deviled eggs, a few salads. We got to try some new dishes too! Like this dish called Migas, which is made with flour, water, and meat. We were told its typically eaten on cold, rainy days like today. (Picture below) We also had a bunch of desserts and tasted some ‘homemade liquors’ 😉 It was an afternoon full of laughs and lots of eating:)
It was a perfect way to spend a cold, rainy day!

With my friend Christina…and my fluffy scarf:)


The brothers making Migas



Antoine & Kanicia

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