Update from K:)

So it’s almost ten and I’m still laying here in bed, I’m supposed to be going in service at ten but I’m just going to meet this evening for service. I’ve already weakened as I feel cold, but it’s about 60 degrees, and I’m under two blankets…yep I’m adjusting 😉

So as you have been reading we are really enjoying being here and we’re having some great experiences! However, I can say this has been the most difficult move that I’ve made…and I’ve moved a bit. I can really appreciate what missionaries, special pioneers and even COs and their wives go through- its not easy to leave the comforts of home for a place you don’t really know. I was really encouraged by Hosea’s example we studied last night… Basically asking if we are willing to put aside personal preferences for kingdom interests, well we have been doing a bit of that in coming to Spain 😉 like the article said if you do, Jehovah will greatly compensate for whatever loss or sacrifice you make and I see almost everyday evidence that Jehovah is blessing our efforts! How?

Well besides what you’ve been reading, there are little things that happen as well.
For example, in the past we’ve always kept our day free on the meeting day during the week, for us it’s still Tuesday. However, we have decided to make it a service day, because we learned the special pioneer couple doesn’t have support that day. So the blessing: besides the privledge of spending four or five hours with a couple who have been in the circuit work the last 30years, we always come home with bags of groceries:) This week: potatoes, grapes, chorizo, bread, some Arabic sweets and pomegranates:) After service we help with their shopping and then they always insist on sharing, they are very sweet!

Or there are moments when we’ve been walking for hours and I think to myself, “I wish I was in my old service group! I really am craving a Starbucks/Peets (i don’t even like these places that much, its just familiar) stop right now!” no kidding everytime, my service partner says, “I’m really tired for some reason, do you mind if we go to this cafe I know and sit and have a coffee and a little something to eat?”
“Of course, no problem!” I say:) No Starbucks but even better;) Makes those small moments of homesickness disappear!

Here’s one more:
So my days are filled speaking Spanish or French and hearing these languages. I only speak English at home and we aren’t home too much. So I’ve had two days where I felt like I wanted to run home, my brain was tired! Guess what happened… The first day we ended up walking to the Kingdom Hall where the English congregation was meeting for service! We didn’t realize the brother we were with needed to meet someone there, so for the next 20minutes I was speaking English to the friends! It was like a breath of fresh air! Second time this happened, we were working with the Spanish, I didn’t want to speak Spanish at all (bad me, had a bit of a bad mood too) but the sister that I worked with spoke English pretty well! I spoke English the whole evening more or less!
Another day, I had a burger craving…and somehow had a burger that rivaled True Burger!

It’s really the small things that you sometimes give up that you can feel the most and then Jehovah just gives you the small things! (Which btw are totally unnecessary, but we still are given these little pleasures) So yes, we are doing just fine and Jehovah is helping us make this move a success!



Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.