Visitors to Spain
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Visitors to Spain

Visitors from Home

This past week was full of activity! We’ve enjoyed the visit from one of our friends from back home, Shalina. We served together in the French congregation with Shalina for many years when we lived in California. Sometimes when you move away to serve after a few years it’s easy to lose track of what’s going on back home. This is one of the reasons that it was nice to have familiar company with us. We learned about how everyone that we knew was doing and where they are spiritually. Shalina had been in Europe for several weeks before visiting us in Spain. She had been participating in a special campaign in Germany to reach Arabic speakers who had come to Europe because of the recent political unrest in the Middle East. It was heart-warming to hear about the experiences that were had and how many were so appreciative of being contacted by Witnesses. Likely many had never heard the truth before in their native countries.


Shalina told us that one Arabic-speaking man who was contacted said to her that in his home region there is no peace but that among Jehovah’s people especially with all of the different Arabic cultures there was peace. This was truly amazing to him and was a wonderful testament to Jehovah’s spirit. Shalina told us that many were contacted as a result of the special preaching campaign and that much interest was cultivated. This culminated in the Regional Convention which welcomed many visitors. Since we are always on the lookout for places with a need not only for ourselves but also for others it was mentioned to us that there is a great need in the Arabic field in Germany and Austria because of the large influx of people from other countries.


Paris Convention

After Germany Shalina was able to visit the France Bethel as well as attend the Special Convention in Paris. We’ve been enjoying seeing pictures of the convention in Paris and hearing about all of the experiences. It makes us want to apply to attend the next time our country is selected. If you haven’t been to a special or international convention it is truly an unforgettable experience. We were able to go to Malta last year for the special convention and it was amazing. You can read about it here if your interested.

Spain Visit

This was Shalina’s first ever time to Spain so we were excited to show her around. She landed in Seville and from there we headed back to our apartment. Over the next week or so we were able to show our guest around and work in service. This week the majority of our pioneers were away in Malaga for Pioneer School and many others were on vacation. So our meetings have been very light in attendance. For example during our midweek meeting this week we only had one elder and servant so needless to say they were very busy. We were able to visit a camp in Lepe where migrant workers normally live. It was also nice to be able to preach in Portugal with our visitor. We were able to do some cart witnessing and afterwards we went to our favorite sandwich place in Portugal and enjoyed the good weather while eating outdoors. While having visitors often calls for adjustments and some extra work its always nice to experience an interchange of encouragement and explore new areas together.


We’ve had a lot of visitors from the UK for vacation. Many of these ones have served where the need is great in the past and are looking to do so again. The family of the speaker this weekend had served in the DR but they are now looking at serving again with their small children. They mentioned some interesting places that they were looking at such as South Africa, Thailand and Mexico among other places. We always find it interesting to see where others are looking to serve especially those with children. Speaking of families serving with children we recently started visiting the blog of the Llora Family. They are serving in Guatemala with four children. They have great photos and posts. You can check out their blog here.

We hope you are all well and looking forward to the new service year come September. We have some exciting and interesting things planned for the months ahead that we look forward to sharing with you.

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.

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  1. Deborah Frelix

    Really enjoyed the video of your home. Always good so see how well Jéhovah is taking care of you. It also was great to see and hear about Shalina’s visit!

    Take care and continued blessings,
    Deb Frelix

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Hi Deb,

      Thanks for the kind words. It was nice to have visitors from back home and we also enjoyed making the video of our apartment.

      Take care,

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