We Made it…

Pablo, Rebecca and us...
Pablo, Rebecca and us…
Alfredo and us
Alfredo and us
Bethel room we are in
Bethel room we are in

Hier soir nous avons arrive en Espana! Un hermano nos estaba esperando en el aeropuerto. It was tres dificil para hablar en espanol parce que my mind kept translating envers ingles et francais, so if you can comprende cette paragraph tu entender comment j’ai pense yesterday!

So if you understood that paragraph you might be getting a headache by now! That is how my mind has been arriving in Spain with almost only Spanish speakers. We are communicating well with our broken Spanish, sprinkled in with French and English:)

We made it!!! It was quite a journey with some unexpected obstacles at the start! We started off to SFO with much excitement, the day had finally arrived, after months and months of planning. We had put our life into three pieces of luggage and we were ready!

Speed bump #1
“I’m sorry you’re American and since you only have a one way ticket, you can’t board this flight”

Ok so we have planned very thoroughly and didn’t expect that Virgin Airlines had now become Spain’s immigration officers! Yes they did make that claim! We were thinking “After all this work, we can’t even leave San Francisco!” After some ‘discussion’ they “allowed” me to board but only to London, which was our layover. I would have to go through customs, get my bag, go back through the airport, check-in this bag, go back through security and then to our connecting flight… all in one hour! ( we actually had two hour layover but your bag has to be checked an hour before in order to be let on the flight ) Well needless to say we were glad to have met a reasonable solution but very uncertain about what would happen in London.

Speed bump #2
Explosive materials found!

So after an emotional goodbye to Antoine’s dad and his kind words of encouragement, we headed off to the security check point. All was normal. Antoine checks through quickly and without incident. I walk through the scan and the warnings goes off. I think ok, maybe it’s my belt or something.
They tell me I have something in my back pocket. I pull out the inside of the pocket to show there’s nothing there. Well, because I touched my pocket I must have my hands swabbed. As I’m standing waiting for the results, the machine turns red and sounds an alarm with the message “explosives detected”!

WHAT??!!? Really?
So then as you’ve likely seen on TV, my things are confiscated and every item must be swabbed to find the “explosive” material. I have to go into a private room with two officers and be cavity searched! I was thinking ‘we might just miss our flight!’ In the meantime Antoine is like ‘What’s going on?!’ But I can’t really give any answers. Lots of prayer was going on!

Finally, we finished with all the dramatics and were on our way! Lots of prayer was still going on! After this though everything went well. Our flight arrived 40min early, giving us time to get the bags, check back in and even eat a little bit! Finally we were on our way to Madrid!

We were met at the airport and taken to Bethel, where we are staying a few nights. A great way to end the day, we almost forgot how it started! So now the journey really begins! We’re happy to have made it!

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.