We Said No More Updates…But:)

We Said No More Updates…But:)

Hey guys!

I’m sure you’re surprised to see a new post on the blog! Me too actually. But I’m not sure we’re ready to give up this blog completely. There’s been a lot of nice, encouraging and exciting things that we experienced this summer and well, we just had to share. 

While this won’t be a long, wordy post, I do hope that you’ll be encouraged by the experiences and enjoy the many photos. So let’s do a quick recap on the summer activities! If you follow us on Instagram you will of course already know about all these things but if you don’t it’s been a whirlwind summer!

A Big Change!

So the first exciting thing to happen this summer is that we moved congregations! That’s right, we’re no longer serving in the English here in Spain. So what happened?

Well one day we were meeting for service and about to leave the hall when a sister, whom I’d never seen before, grabbed Kanicia by the arm and said “Parlez-vous francais?”

Of course she said “Mais, oui!”

And so began a quick succession of events that both surprised us and made us feel…well like Jehovah really notices us and knows what’s best for us.

Let me explain.

So after Kanicia gets to talking with this sister, I notice her talking with a group of brothers I’d never seen. One of them yells “Antoine!”

I look up and see a brother, whom I’ve never seen, waving at me to come over. I go over and he and his wife are talking to Kanicia in French. He asks me a few questions and explains that he is the European CO and is having a special visit with the local French group.

He invites me and Kanicia to a special meeting that evening and says “Please come!”

Well, Kanicia and I briefly talk about it and decide to go. We were going to be having a long day in service anyway and would be back to that area around the time of the meeting, so we figured why not.

So fast-forward to the meeting and it’s an encouraging meeting for the brothers in the French group. It’s mainly just encouraging them not to give up, to keep going and to think about preparing to be a congregation, even though they are few. Many of the brothers expressed their fears and concerns and the CO gave some practical advice and encouragement.

So the meeting was just about to end and before the prayer, the CO said looking at us and another couple visiting “I want you to stay after for another short meeting please”

“Okayyyy” we thought.

So after all the brothers in the group left, the CO pulled up a chair closer to us…there were five of us in the meeting now. We didn’t know any of the other brothers and sisters either.

He talks to each of us with specific encouragement to move over to the French. It was really interesting because he addressed us each with specific examples from his experience that matched our individual circumstances. 

We were wondering ” How does he know who we are?” lol

At the end he said ” This is the most direct I can be without telling you what to do, but please come help the French. Pray about it and come!” Pretty direct I’d say!

So after getting over our shock of the request, that’s what we did. We prayed about it. Visited the group. Went preaching with them. Counted the cost as it would mean more travel for us and time. 

For us it was clearly direction from Jehovah and so we made the move!

July Flew Past!

So next we’ll jump to July as this month had the most exciting activity! Here in Spain everyone was excited as Madrid was one of the locations for one of the international conventions. We were really happy that because we had been part of the English before, which was assigned to the international, we were able to still attend even though we had recently moved over to French!

We also had the privledge to help as volunteers during the convention week, which was a really fun experience. We got to meet many brothers and sisters and share in the joy of the convention with the delegates. 

We were assigned as bus captains for the week of the convention. We were able to accompany the delegates on many excursions during the week and experience it ourselves which was cool.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!


Besides the wonderful historic convention, in which the revised Spanish language bible was released, we attended the French convention in Madrid as well. Seeing the love from all the friends and getting a refresher on how to show love more fully was so refreshing!

Our congregation was assigned to help with two pioneer schools at the end of the month and that was July! Whew!

As you can imagine we were quite tired, so what did we do? Go on vacation!

Quick Vacation in Portugal

We enjoyed seeing family briefly and just doing nothing but relaxing at the beach!

Well that’s it for now! The one thing this summer was all about was definitely LOVE! Hopefully we can keep the feeling going through the rest of the year!

I hope you enjoyed this little recap and until next time! 

So did you go to any internationals? Comment below where you attended and one thing you took away from it?

If you have questions feel free to let us know!

If you are interested in teaching English online or want to know how we support ourselves here in Spain check out our teaching blog at https://teachenglishonline.co


Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.

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  1. Lennie Douglass

    This is such an encouraging thing to read about… Young ones serving JEHOVAH and showing us how reliance on him brings Soo much joy and happiness.. Thank you for sharing. Continue with Jah and be blessed!!

  2. Conrad n Vanessa Falcon

    I want to serve in Mexico but I don’t know how to get started .
    Can you please help ?

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Hi Vanessa definitely watch the recent video on jw broadcasting about “serving where the need is great-from idea to reality” it really shows all the steps quite clearly! You’ll find it on video on demand 👍🏾

  3. Shannon joseph

    Absolutely enjoyed reading about your experiences abroad. Jehovah is blessing you both and it’s obvious! I’ve heard that a lot of brothers and sisters support themselves teaching English. The link didn’t work for me. What are the needs to apply?

  4. Grace Hodgson Fernandez

    Miami Marlins International convention 2019 was ….how do I describe the feeling. Futuristic?
    It will be great post armageddon, especially as we develop these beautiful qualities…like the greatest one, LOVE.
    My take away: Love more, including myself… always, at work, at play, in the congregation, love, love, love. I enjoy your blog..such good writing! So upbuilding!! Dont stop writing..I feel as if I know you both. Agape, Geace

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Thanks we had the same feeling! Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Karren

    Beautiful post! Don’t stop updating/uploading. Such tidbits make up for all the joy. Lots of Love.

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Thanks Karren! I think we will try to post as we can, especially if it’s something encouraging!

  6. Dana

    I attended the International in The Netherlands Aug 2-4. I was so impressed with the love shown. We were told that hugging strangers isn’t normally apart of Dutch culture, but from the moment we arrived to the moment we left, the bros and sis there hugged us, and showered us with love and personal attention. It was amazing!! After the week ther and the evening gathering it was clear to me that there was no such thing as my “ Dutch brothers and sisters”, they are just my brothers and sisters. We felt so united! For me it was like seeing a miracle in front of my eyes. A preview of the new system!

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Thanks for sharing, so encouraging! Great takeaways from the convention too! We felt similarly!

  7. Dana

    I forgot to mention one of my takeaways some the convention program is that agape love is a choice not just a reaction or response. That is why I was so impressed with the love shown at the convention, because my bros and sisters chose to do what they did.

  8. Ed & Janice Whittle

    If you make yourself available, Jehovah will give you something to do. We responded in 2011 to the Kingdom Ministry “Step into Macedonia” by checking out Panama and Costa Rica. A year later to the day, we moved to the Chiriqui region in western Panama into an English group. Our group was asked to merge with an English Congregation which eventually had 29 Pioneers out of 31 publishers. Fast forward a year, and the congregation was dissolved because of not having enough native English speakers in our territory. 90% of the publishers initially moved into a Spanish congregation as we did. 8 months later, I was asked to help another English group 40 KM away. Over a year later, my wife and I decided that Spanish was an option to expand our ministry as English had only 150 native English speakers in the territory and it was too hard to be learning Spanish and not be immersed in Spanish. 1 year later we were asked to come help a small congregation of 15 publishers about 10 KM from where we live. It was a blessing as we have made faster progress in learning Spanish in a smaller congregation and the local publishers have been appreciative of our providing wheels in the mountainous territory. Spanish people are not only more responsive than English expats, but are very patient as we stumble over words. We are very happy and have resident cards to absorb as much of culture, language, and warm association of the local friends. As you two have experienced, Jehovah makes his servants happy for the effort they expend in his service.

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Awesome experience! Thanks for sharing, very encouraging!

  9. Charles n Erica Peters

    Thanks for the recent post. Loved the pics too. I’m so glad the CO wasn’t “direct” with you guys…lol.
    Love & miss you guys!!

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Thanks Charles! We miss you guys too, we got to catch up soon!

  10. Maribel Palermo

    Hi Antoine i like this post a lot…i can imagine your joy and others feelings that probable you have , i like to meet you both a lot¡¡ greetings from Venezuela

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Thanks Maribel, it was a great taste of what paradise will be like!

  11. Linda

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. Although I wasn’t selected to attend this year- viewing your blog pictures & those posted on jw.org/newsroom – make me feel that I did attend

  12. Yvette

    Loved the post! Very encouraging 😁😊

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