Weekend in Cadiz

Weekend in Cadiz


Hey there friends! We hope you’ve had a great weekend. We’ve had some nice developments in our congregation recently. After the visit of our CO we now have two more elders serving in the hall. One brother was already serving as an elder but he just returned from construction work in Africa. The other brother is a need greater from Australia. We’re grateful to have more men to shepherd the congregation. 


Over the weekend we had the privilege to go to Cadiz for a public talk. If your not familiar with Cadiz it’s about two hours away from Huelva to the south. The area is popular with tourists for its beaches and relaxed pace. There is a large American military base as well in Cadiz. We had been looking forward to visiting the congregation in Cadiz for some time now due to all of the great things that we’ve heard. The congregation has around 40 publishers with around four elders and nine servants. There is also a total of around 18 regular pioneers. So you can see that the congregation is very focused on the ministry. The congregation is made up of brothers and sisters from many different countries. Some include, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Britain, Mauritius and of course Spain. It’s nice to visit a congregation that is half Spanish and half from other countries. You get the impression that the congregation is a need greater hall the moment that you walk in. We were able to speak to many and it was nice to talk with others who understand what you go through as someone who is adapting to a new country. Apparently many heard about the need in the congregation from writing the branch.


We arrived in Cadiz on Saturday evening around 18h. The brothers had arranged for us to stay overnight with a lovely family from the UK since the meeting was on Sunday at 10h. The family has three children and has been in Spain for around 18 months. Since they were still adapting to life in Spain we could definitely empathize with them. It was nice to talk with them about the things that we love about living here as well as the things that drive us crazy sometimes. We had many laughs as we shared stories! We instantly felt at home with this family even though we never met before. As we conversed and joked we couldn’t help but think to ourselves that this would only be possible in Jehovah’s organization. We didn’t end up getting to bed until midnight.


On Sunday as we prepared to leave for the meeting we were eager to meet the brothers and sisters that we would soon encounter. We secretly hoped that we would meet some Americans since there aren’t any in our hall and we don’t often run into them. Well our wish was granted. We met a nice couple from North Carolina that had just arrived. They were spying out the land. They actually were related to Kanicia’s good friends from Colorado. Small world! Once we arrived at the hall we could see that it was very warm and hospitable. Often you can just tell when a hall is this way especially if you have difficulty getting past the entrance because everyone wants to talk to you and ask you where you are from. That is how Cadiz is. I was looking forward to giving this particular talk outline as it would be my first time with it. Over the next few months I’ll be giving it again which will give me the opportunity to make some adjustments. Visiting other halls in your circuit is great because it allows you to actually get to know the other brothers and sisters. Then at the assemblies you know more people and have shared experiences with them. If you are able to stay with the brothers and sisters for the weekend instead of just going for the talk alone we highly recommend it.



After the meeting a young couple from the UK had us over for hospitality. They had recently arrived in Spain after serving in Nicaragua for one year among other places. It was nice to hear about their experience there as well as see how Jehovah is blessing their efforts here. I didn’t realize it but the sister had heard of us through this blog and had emailed asking about teaching with Learnship. It was great to learn that she had been hired and had just started that week! That shows that if you are willing to put in the effort then Jehovah will provide what you need for you to continue serving him. We also got to know another couple who were over for lunch. As we left Cadiz we couldn’t help but be joyful as we reflected on how great the weekend was.


Final Thoughts

We really enjoyed the congregation in Cadiz. The brothers are very warm and we felt at home immediately. The congregation reminded us of our old Mill Valley congregation during its peak. We could see ourselves serving in Cadiz if we were to ever change halls but for the moment there doesn’t seem to be as much of a need since there’s a healthy amount of pioneers and a decent amount of appointed men. But there could be needs in other areas. If you are considering serving in Spain perhaps you can add the Cadiz English congregation to your list. We hope that we are able to visit again soon and cultivate the friendships that we made while there! That’s all for now. Take care everyone.


Warm Regards,

Antoine & Kanicia 

Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.

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  1. yvette t.

    Nice write up on Cadiz! I didn’t know anything about it; only heard of it through a song. 🙂
    Congregation sounds warm and loving. Glad you enjoyed your short visit..

  2. Ann verch

    Really enjoy your experiences . My husband and I are looking at Portugal as a destination. We are waiting to hear from the branch. All very new to us but excited and nervous at the same time. The more we research and pray the more we are convinced we could do it with Jehovah’s help.
    Thank you both for your encouragement .

    Sheldon and Ann

    1. Antoine & Kanicia

      Hi Sheldon and Ann, we’re glad that you enjoy our experiences. May Jehovah bless your plans to expand your ministry in Portugal. It’s definitely exciting to serve abroad. With Jehovah’s help it is possible.

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