Why are we here??

Why are we here??

So as you now know, we are in Bilbao. It was a sudden change and left us with many questions; the big one being: Why Bilbao??

We knew nothing of this city or region, all we knew is that it was in the north of Spain. We left everything in Jehovah’s hands and the job we found ended up here. We saw there was a French group and also an English congregation. Did one of these need help? Yes, both actually!

The English congregation is pretty well established with about 40 publishers, three elders, one servant and nine pioneers. However the brothers tell us they need help in the congregation and that they have a large territory. In fact a couple that just graduated from couples school will be moving in next week to help.

The French group has been around for some time but only 17 publishers, two elders, one servant and one pioneer. They also have a large territory. Which to choose??

Well after talking to brothers in both halls we decided to visit and check it out. We arrived in Bilbao Wednesday night and visited the French on Thursday. What a surprise to walk in the back school and feel transported to Africa! There are many young ones and it was a pleasure to hear their comments. The friends in the group were very warm and welcomed us with open arms. When Antoine explained to the brothers what we had just went through, they became emotional. Why? They told us they had been praying for help, had been asking the branch for help and thought their prayers were unanswered! Wow! We felt very humbled to think that we could even be used in a small way to answer their prayers; we didn’t even know there was a French group until Antoine was offered this job!

We also spent Saturday with group, going in the ministry and to the meeting. Can you believe our speaker on Saturday was from France?! Yes it’s only a two hour drive, pretty cool! Also another nice thing about this group is that almost everyone in the group are native speakers. Which for me, means there is no language barrier that makes it harder to make friends!

Sunday we visited the English. It’s a large hall in comparison but very warm as well. It’s a mixed hall of native African speakers and Spanish who have learned English. There are also a lot of kids. The brothers really appealed to us to come to English as they need brothers. They even talked to us separately about how we would be of help there. To be honest I felt like I was cheating on the French lol. I haven’t even been to an English meeting in so long; it was so easy! The most difficult part is understanding all the accents, some comments sounded like another language!

So what is our decision? Well our heart is with the French but in between going to the meeting we learned that Antoine’s job will conflict with the midweek meeting. Since he is replacing a teacher that left mid-semester he can’t change the schedule. So we will be attending the English congregation but… supporting the French on the weekends for the meetings and service.

We definitely feel like there is a great need here in both fields! It’s a great privledge to have a small part in helping out however we can!






Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.

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  1. yvette t.

    You guys look SO happy! 🙂 Reading this entry reminded me of when I visited an English congregation in Madrid and I also had trouble understanding the accents and everyone was so lovely! The kids were beautiful! What a blessing to have the opportunity to help in two languages! You have both said, ¡Aquí estoy yo! ¡Envíame a mí! Pablo & Rebecca say ¡Hola! They are very excited for you two. 🙂 ¡Con mucho cariño!

  2. Meena

    So happy for you and your new assignment!! Its amazing how everything came together last minute. ..true test of faith. Enjoy your new assignment with many blessings from Jehovah. Love your blog too! Very encouraging! Thank you btw…you start to develop an ear for the accents and soon youll understand. 🙂

  3. Ryan Cordes

    Cool to see how Jehovah will make sure you’re taken care of. Looks like an awesome neighborhood!

  4. Shalina Casey

    Wow, how cool that Jehovah is going to use you in both! It’ll be a very nice balance and a big help to both Congregations.

  5. Danielle Gardner

    My dearest friends. I know this journey has not been without stress, but I am so pleased to see how Jehovah is guiding and shaping your very special service to Him. I used to be afraid that Jehovah would change my assignment here in Nicaragua because I am so in love with it. After meditating and thinking about your experience I realize that Jehovah has an ariel view of my life’s events and if he decides to move me around, I will just consider it an upgrade! I can already tell he has upgraded you all! Keep sharing…this is really faith strengthing!

    Love yall,

  6. Kim Alvarez

    I just found out today where your blog is located and have blitzed through every entry, leaving comments willy-nilly! I feel like I just read half a yearbook. So encouraging to see how many “Jehovah specials” you have received. If we make it to España in 2014 we will have to pop over to Bilbao for sure!

  7. Estella Velasquez

    Greetings from Corte Madera,

    I finally got a minute to read your blog.
    I love your writing – you guys made laugh and cry and draw me into your world. Thank for sharing. You know we miss you – but look what you are doing – May Jehovah bless the spirit you show. Hugs!!! Estella

    1. akcognard

      Thanks Estella, it’s good to hear from you! May Jehovah continue to bless you in your service in the French.

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