“You’re where?!?”

Well yesterday we received some very upsetting news about my bible study. Let me explain. During the afternoon Kanicia and I went to go check out an English school to follow up on a resume. After leaving I got a phone call from my bible study Malonu. If you don’t remember Malonu, he is from Cameroon and was practically homeless but he agreed to study with me in the Bible Teach book. He has the 14 siblings back home and he also lost his mother. We studied part of the first chapter and he had many questions. We were able to show him God’s name in Ps 83:18 and we hoped to continue studying with him and helping him to learn about Jehovah.Last week I had left a message with Malonu and thought it was strange that he hadn’t called me back in a couple days.

Well now back to the telephone call. Malonu starts speaking to me and proceeds to tell me that he’s been arrested (most likely by the Civil Guard). He is being held in a center for deportation because of not having valid papers to be in the country. This news stuns me and I take a minute to process this information. “Your where?!?” I repeat to him. He tells me again that he was hanging out in the same area where we had our bible study and he was stopped and asked for his papers. Since he doesn’t have any identification they arrested him. What really touched me was that he was calling to apologize for not having returned my call sooner because he received my message. I told him not to worry about that at all right now. He asked me if I knew any lawyers or someone that could give him some legal advice. I told him that I would look into it but that I would like to visit him if at least to provide some encouragement. I asked him if he still had his new bible and ‘Teach’ book. He said that he did still have them with him in the prison cell. As difficult as the situation is I am glad that we were able to expose a little bit of bible truth to him and that he still has his bible with him. Currently the authorities are deciding whether to deport my bible study back to his home country of Cameroon or to place him in a kind of prison detention center holding facility type of place kind of like Guantanamo but not nearly as bad. We later learned that another possibility is that instead of flying Malonu back to his home country they may just drop him off at the door of Morocco’s border and let them deal with him. The problem with this is that when the Moroccans receive Africans from Spain who were there illegally they typically treat them very badly from what we’re told. You may remember William from the post “If it’s so bad why don’t you go back to Africa?” He is currently studying with an elder in our group. He was telling us that en route to Spain from Africa while in Algeria if the police catch you and you are there illegally trying to get to Europe they may bring you to the middle of the Sahara and leave you there. He said this is one of the worst nightmares of many who make this journey. What a crazy system we live in!

After getting off of the phone with Malonu I was a bit at a loss for words… I told Kanicia what had happened and we tried to process it. We decided to go have some shawarmas or rollos as they call them here at our Moroccan restaurant that we like and talk it over before the service meeting that evening. We weren’t sure how long Malonu had been living in Spain but it is unfortunate that he may have to leave now after having just been exposed to the truth. One thing that is good is that in those detention camps the witnesses are able to preach to the ones living there from my understanding. We truly feel for Malonu and his situation and our heart goes out to him and to what he must be feeling. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse for him it did. We know that Satan is very busy trying to keep people from learning the truth and serving Jehovah! We will keep you posted on his situation and hopefully be able to visit with him soon!


Antoine & Kanicia

We are serving where the need is great in southern Spain and are actively involved in the TESOL community. We enjoy helping people learn how to teach English and support themselves in another country.